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~ Special Sales Announcements ~

CM_PaddyCM_Paddy Inactive Posts: 42
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Time to enjoy the fruits of your labor!

150% Prime Time today!

The amazing work you have done on your farm has attracted the approving glances of joyous visitors from around the world. Some of these visitors are travelling merchants who have put their heads together to create a lucrative offer on their wares as a show of appreciation for your agricultural prowess!

Open your barn doors and get ready to welcome a special 150% Prime Time starting today at 20:00 and ending at 20:30 (CEST).

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to take your farm to the next level – don’t miss out!

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  • CM_ArjunaCM_Arjuna Community Manager Posts: 99
    edited 08.08.2019

    Catch some rays before the holidays begin!

    Howdy Farmers,

    It’s hot like a frying pan out there and yep, that can only mean one thing: getting close to holiday time. I want to relax and from what I can tell so do the animals. This farming life is a tough one but a fun one. I sure wouldn’t trade it for anything else, no siree! I hear it's not just the hot weather that's visiting but Lana is here from the island, too.. She's got some great new stuff with her too. I just don’t know how she fits it all in her bags! So get down to the Junction today and check out the themed Almond orchard, Beach Duck Coop and all the other summer stuff she’s brought.

    Holiday pig | Beach duck coop | Fertile beach orchard

    Your Big Farm Team
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  • CM_ArjunaCM_Arjuna Community Manager Posts: 99
    edited 08.08.2019

    It’s just the beginning of a celebration!

    Farmer George is always saying that a great farm is not built in a day, and that also applies to great games!

    This month, Goodgame Studios turns 10 years old, and we’re planning a huge Big Farm party to celebrate! All farmers from around the world are invited to raise a glass and join in the revelries with your favourite Big Farm characters!

    Beach Club Penguin            Beach Donkey Stable            Beach Peach Orchard

    To kick things off, we have a special in-game sale with lots of new summer theme items! 

    The sale starts TODAY so don’t miss out!

  • CM_PaddyCM_Paddy Inactive Posts: 42

    Grab the Anniversary Offer!

    Anniversary Sale August 2019

    Hello Farmers,

    Summer has not ended yet, meaning you can still enjoy our anniversary month! To boost our festive mood even more, we will bring the special Anniversary Sale again to your farm! 

    Anniversary Sale Auguest 2019

    Beach club Penguin | Beach donkey stable | Beach peach orchard


    Your Big Farm Team

  • CM_KatsuoCM_Katsuo Community Manager Posts: 1,759

    The Spookiest Halloween Sales for you!

    Halloween Sale 2019

     Hello Farmers, 

    All the farmers are terribly busy at this point of the season, harvesting tons of pumpkins because the most frightful day of the year is approaching: Halloween!

    While there are a lot of tasks to get done ahead of Winter, you’ll also want to get your farm decorated for Halloween. You are going to need a little help with that, aren’t you? Here's the deal - Our Halloween Offers will be starting today!

    But, these offers will only appear a few times each day until the 2nd November.

    Halloween border

    120 Prime Time

    To enjoy a more festive 2019 Halloween with you, we also have a fantastic 120% Prime Time offer for you. Hurry, though, as it will be available ONLY a few times over the course of today the 25th October.


    Tessa from Big Farm

  • CM_KatsuoCM_Katsuo Community Manager Posts: 1,759

    Grab the best Black Deal ever

    Black Deals Week

    Hello Farmers

    Our Black Deals Week is coming to an end soon, but before the end of the busiest week of the year, we have a more fantastic surprise for you!

    There will be the biggest Prime Time coming up today. This 150% Prime Time is available ONLY a few times over the course of today!

    Take best advantage of the biggest Prime Time of the year.

    Enjoy the rest of the Black Deals Week!

    Your Tessa from Big Farm

  • CM_KatsuoCM_Katsuo Community Manager Posts: 1,759

    160% Prime Time today only!

    2019 Winter 160 Prime Time

    Grab our 160% Prime Time today and fulfill your heart's desires for your farm! How would you like an extra piece of farmland? Or a new building upgrade? Regardless what you wish for, this extra gold will make it come true in an instant!

  • CM_KatsuoCM_Katsuo Community Manager Posts: 1,759

    160% Prime Time: Boost your holiday season!

    Holiday Season 160 Prime Time

    Hello Farmers

    The most delightful time of the year, the holiday season, has already arrived at your farm!

    Every Farmer is putting Christmas trees up and decorating them with a lot of sparkling ornaments.

    While there are a lot of things to get done before the year comes to an end, you have to prepare all gifts for your family and friends, and for yourself! Get yourself a fantastic gift with 160% Prime Time offer, starting today!

    The 160% Prime Time offer will only appear a few times over the course of the day.

    Enjoy and happy holidays!

  • CM_KatsuoCM_Katsuo Community Manager Posts: 1,759
    edited 20.02.2020

    Grab Everything You Love!

    Hello Farmers,

    Valentine’s Day is approaching your farms, and are you looking for perfect gifts for your loved ones or for yourself?

    For those farmers of you who want to enjoy the loveliest days in February, there will be an opportunity to encounter exclusive Valentine’s Day Offers! This sale is available until 26th February.

    Hugs and kisses, 

    Your Tessa from Big Farm

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  • CM_KatsuoCM_Katsuo Community Manager Posts: 1,759

    Ready for Carnival Temptation?

    Feb 2020 Carnival Sale

    Hello Farmers,

    An amusing Sales Week is coming your way, featuring a fun event - the Carnival.

    Whether a swan, a hen or a pig, no matter what you pick for the Carnival as your costume, the deals are for everyone! This sale is available until March 1st.

    Go and get whatever you fancy and fun-up your farms!


    Tessa from Big Farm

  • CM_MystletainnCM_Mystletainn Community Manager Posts: 204
    edited 24.04.2020

    A Golden Week celebration tradition

    Golden Week Sales Days

    Hello Farmers,

    Get in line and jump on one of the fastest trains in the world! That’s right, we’re travelling through the land of the rising sun to celebrate the Japanese Golden Week and we have some awesome surprises in store for you and your Big Farm!

    The Golden Week is a period of holidays celebrated in Japan and we want to bring that tradition to you once again. To get you in the right mood, there will be a bunch of goodies for you, including the Golden Week Sale Days in which you can find beautiful decorations, fantastic offers and especially shiny discounts.

    This year’s Golden Week Sale Days run from April 24 to May 1 and offer you amazing deals on gold, farming items, decorations and more. If that alone isn’t golden enough for you, we even have a 150 % Prime Time running for you!

    Speaking of Prime Time, for those of you waiting to cash in on a great deal, there is none like the 150 % Prime Times that are on for you today!

    So, my dear farmer. I hope I got you in the mood for the upcoming event and sale. If so, awesome, because the Golden Week Sale starts today!

    Yours, Lily from Big Farm

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  • CM_MystletainnCM_Mystletainn Community Manager Posts: 204

    May-OFFERS flourish for your farms!

    May Sale 2020

    Hello Farmers,

    Spring has finally sprung and your farms are alive with all the dazzling colors the season brings

    To enjoy the arrival of the greenest time of the year, the May breeze will blow your mind with refreshing offers for your farming life!

    Starting TODAY, a newly colored decoration and the new horse equipment will be available to you.

    May Sale 2020

    If you want to speed up your progress in the new Horse Tournament challenges, that would be your bargain to snatch!

    Look for yourself and make sure not to miss out on the great opportunities!

    Yours, Tessa from Big Farm

  • *** Hello Farmers, the May sale is coming back again from May 21 to 25th. ***

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