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Forum Contest - Valentine #3 - "How Do I Love Thee? ... "

"How Do I Love Thee? ... Let Me Count The Ways Hearts!"

Here is a tricky little contest for you!  - How many hearts are there in this picture?

Click image to enlarge it

As usual it is up to you to decide whether or not things count,
but I will say that we counted everything that could be a heart,
even if you could only see a small part of it or the angle made it look not heart shaped
& if it looks like 2 hearts stuck together, we counted both.

That's it, no more clues, count, guess, ask the audience, phone a friend &
post your final total below.

One entry per person
No edits after 20 mins from posting

Lots of the shiny stuff for those that come closest to the number that we have locked in the safe

Contest closes at 11am CET on Thursday 21st Feb 2019

Can you feel the love? :)
Good luck all!

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