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Forum Contest - Halloween #2 - Spin Them Spooky Tunes!

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Johnny has volunteered to be the DJ for this year's BF Halloween party,
but so far he has a playlist of just 1 song & really needs your help!

Help Johnny by posting your favourite spooky tune,
it does not have to be specifically about Halloween,

it just needs to fit into the theme for a spooky Halloween party

Just 1 song per person please

Impress us with you clever or unexpected selection, make us laugh or it might just be a rocking good song! 
 Your choice could win you a prize from the list below:

This rare Community Deco

Lovely shiny Gold

A choice from our Halloween deco collection:

& for everyone that enters, this year's Halloween forum badge!

The contest will close at 12:00PM CET on Thursday Nov 1st 2018

Let's get the party started with the only song that Johnny has so far & Good Luck All!!

Edit: Added 1 song per person to clarify rules
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