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Coop Championship: Taking away Gold flowers and mining license prizes?



  • I reserve judgment to see what the improvements will be. The following ideas I'd consider an improvement from the gold flowers and mining licenses:

    a) Golden ducks & chicks giving regularly golden eggs, value 100+ each

    b) Pinata filled with 5000 or 10000 gold & collectables

    c) Gold treasure hunt on our farms - total value > 5000 incorporated into the cc - if every player of a coop completes it, the coop gets a gold matching amount also - promotes teamwork

    d) Special seaweed that turns a regular field into a gold flower field with higher harvest amounts

    That to me would be an improvement to the current gold prizes in the coopcha.  So let's see what option we'll get today :).

  • The point is not whether we like the fact that GG is changing the prizes in the CC, the point is that GG doesn't listen at all to the wishes of their players/customers. They say they do but they behave like a dictator and change whatever they feel like changing.

    So please GG start really listening to the players of your game and keep it attractive for all players. It's not that difficult!  
  • I suggest everyone who is concerned message the heads of 5-10 other co-ops. If everyone messages five more, the word spreads fast. Lots don't read the forum. It takes solidarity to make a point. Hopefully, they will get it loud and clear. I for one am fed up, and I think a lot of others are, too. The more you communicate, the more people will join you.
  • Keep all rewards currently and increase the seaweed favors.

  • tg2 (US1)tg2 (US1) Posts: 10
    Swapping out the Gold mining licenses and gold flower seeds for decos or seaweed is not an equal trade for the better.   At least with earning the Gold flower seeds and licenses gives the players the choice on how they want to use their reward to make improvements to their farms along with an incentive to even compete in the challenge.   Really how much can it be costing them to give these rewards compared to the amount that they receive from the players like myself that will purchase the gold when they run their deals. This is a BIG MISTAKE by GGS to remove these rewards. Shame on GGS for being sooooo Greedy!!

    The Gold Flowers that GGS was giving out as rewards means the less gold they sold and the less profit they made.  So I'm not surprised that they are taking them away.  It Is truly amazing how GREEDY GGS has became over the years.  I started my farm in 2014 and at that time we were getting 200 and 300 % gold offers.  I do not buy a lot of gold and at that time I could buy $10 or $20 and get a fair amount of gold.  The 300% offer has completely gone away and the 200% has nearly became extinct.  I don't not buy the offers that GGS has now.  I don't open any of the temp farms because it is a waste of money and I don't have time that they require, so many of the offers are no good to me.  GGS will not change.  They will keep weaning out the offers and rewards that everyone likes so that they can reap more profit.  I myself log into my farm to relax from the long days of work and to chat with friends.  To get the majority of the top coops to boycott the CC would be a huge success and I would be in favor of it.  But many of my members enjoy the missions and I just don't know how this task could be completed.  Maybe a very active member from the top coops could join together in a TEST FARM or FB group and talk about issues and how to voice opinions.  I guess we will just have to see during this CC how much less the rewards are.  Time will tell. 

    Crazy Daisies  :-)
  • Arwyn (RO1)Arwyn (RO1) RO1 Posts: 403
    Are there anyone who are playing their onother game variant of goodgame empire? Because BF comparing to that it"s nothing from my point of view. On that game are good reward, good events, i'm very pleased about them (GGS) on making that game, but when it's came out about BF (dust on eyes as we say).We have no moderator, no Romanian support ,,we are on the tree and the tree is in the air"( there are many reasons to protest)
  • nola1 (INT1)nola1 (INT1) INT1 Posts: 188
    Co -op champs starting soon on Int1 server, so sad that we can't enjoy it and have fun like we used to, Hopefully we'll make it up to the new co-op members. Chins up guys. :smiley::)
  • Gavinfarms at Victory Ridge has started a list of all co-ops agreeing not to use gold boosters for this CC. It's a great effort, and I encourage everyone to head over and support it! Here's the link  https://community.goodgamestudios.com/bigfarm/en/discussion/136030/list-of-coops-not-using-gold-for-coop-boosters-because-of-removal-of-gold-licenses-and-gold-flowers#latest

  • Damaria3 (US1)Damaria3 (US1) US1 Posts: 1,737
    edited 16.10.2016
    Well they have outdone themselves in STUPID the hardwork surprise is a pagoda worth 45 happiness they evidently feel they have been way too generous with us in the past.  DON'T let them get away with treating us like this let your voice be heard no gold buys or spending and the prizes they are offering they can keep really not interested people are talking of not even logging in until this is over.
    Most members of coop are limiting missions to one or two per day.
    They LIE to us oh we are giving you more  well we can clearly see this is NOT MORE  but a sad sad display of what you think of us how you value us which is not at all.
    The whole fishing thing is another gold adventure unless you want to spend a life time getting XP points.
  • I am disabled & can't buy much gold. I try to budget $10.00 a month to buy gold. I finally found out what the goldflowers are..  (no one in my co- op will try to help the lower level players}. If you take away the goldflowers, there is no way I can move up. Every thing cost so much to update or expand. I was looking for a game to pass my time when I found this one...I can start looking again...no problem!
  • contrary (US1)contrary (US1) US1 Posts: 122
    Just took a look at the new "enhanced rewards"..it can only be described as a JOKE!!! Good news is I will not be doing ANY missions for 5 days!!..YEEHAW..Happy Farming..
  • Lets look on the bright side - we can demolish the worthless 40 happiness decoration and get $1,000 free dollars from it :grin:

    (sarcasm intended)

    but seriously, that's what I will be doing. Decorations are worthless. We're a top 10 cooperative, but there is nothing for us to work for in the cooperative championship. The rest of my cooperative members are I will not be buying gold and we'll be spending out afternoons watching netflix movies instead of playing BigFarm so much since there is no point in coming in 10th + on the event. :)
  • buddy194 (US1)buddy194 (US1) US1 Posts: 382
    This change, and others like it, are bringing BigFarm's revenues down.  And all because they don't realize the immense value of players who DON'T buy gold.  

    Yes, BF must pander to the desires and interests of the folks who do buy gold from them because those players provide the revenue.  However, to keep those gold buyers playing, there must be other players to play with (or in the case of missions, to play against.)  Only by having a vast number of farmers happily playing for free does BigFarm have a big enough game to attract and keep the gold buying players.

    So taking away the prizes, rewards and accomplishments that make the game exciting and fun for the free player directly destroys the very thing that makes it possible to have gold buying players.

    Let's face it, a few gold flowers or a couple gold mining licenses mean a LOT less to those who regularly buy gold than they do to players who play for free.  So giving away some gold won't hurt your main source of revenue very much.  But the possibility of winning gold is a BIG incentive for the free player and keeps his interest and participation high.  It's that large foundation of free players that results in growing your gold buying population.

    BigFarm seems to think that people will only buy gold if they're forced or manipulated into it.  That's a shame, 'cause they're not seeing the bigger picture.
  • ashim (IN1)ashim (IN1) IN1 Posts: 572
    AS per announcement they are giving more valueable rewards against gold seeds and GML 
    check 50th rewards in cc , it gives 6 token only and in last cc it gave 4 GOLD flower seeds ( range is 1200-5200) then how the makers thinks for all is same i.e 1200 some people can get 3k gold with 4 gold seeds then how you can compensate this ??
  • sad very sad it is hard to get exited about CC now its boring 
  • taaj277 (IN1)taaj277 (IN1) IN1 Posts: 27
    I agree with konoha and i am with buddy.No more excitement and what happened to the high value decos.No gold seeds.Now what is the fun in playing CC.They might as well scrap the event.The little gold for free players was so much  to look forward to play the game .Now its gone.Way to go about announcing new noob rewards.If this is what GGS is planning and going to do about all other events in future then its a fail in the beginning itself.Gl GGS to all your future efforts in improvising the game.
  • jules314 (US1)jules314 (US1) US1 Posts: 399
    edited 17.10.2016
    The new prizes are absolutely not comparable to the gold flower seeds or the gold mining licence. They are a pitiful joke :( If you wanted to give us seaweed humus as a prize, incorporate those into the prizes for ranking WITHIN the coop. Right now only the top 3 players gets seaweed humus. If you made it top 10 then maybe you'll see more people spending gold to keep their ranking within their own coop. Maybe another suggestion that shall fall unto ears that choose not to listen?

    I shall enjoy spending my time enjoying the fall weather and the company of family and friends rather than put my time into this. 

    Also, we have joined in not using gold in any form for this event.

    In Solidarity,

  •  :(             :'(       

    why just why 
  • Where are the moderators I guess they are all hiding they knew what this was going to bring and it is not their fault but they need to be sure that those on high hear our voices.
    Hey Damaria,

    We're still around and not hiding at all. ;) We passed on the link to this thread earlier today and will continue to forward any and all feedback from you guys.

    Thank you,
    Thank you for letting us know that you are reading our posts and passing the word on. Based on past experience, though, I have to wonder what effect it will have? To my knowledge, we still, 3 weeks later, have heard nothing about our complaints and requests regarding the last update: ie changes to the feed wheel, placement of items on various farms, and neighbors being different on all farms. It would be AMAZING if we could get some 2-way communication going...even if it's just "Still being considered" or "Sorry, not gonna happen." The way things stand now, can you blame us for feeling as though we're being ignored?

    On the other hand, the explosion of complaints, demands, temper tantrums, and ultimatums following that update have long since abated, and farm life seems to be continuing on as usual, so maybe the developers (or whoever makes the decisions) are hoping that the same thing will happen here?

    Personally, I have never purchased gold, but I probably would have eventually...but that's not going to happen as long as we keep being screwed around with as we have been for at least the past 6 months. In fact, playing this game has pretty much turned me off of the idea of EVER spending RL money on an on-line game.

    Sorry, went on a tangent from the original purpose of this comment. Any response, please, Mods?
  • I think they want us to make our gold in the lab, however it costs hundreds of millions to upgrade for everything.to make the duck feed is over 71 million. they need to keep the game fun and not so out of reach, the coopchas are not so fun its only a virtual world .going to hold on to my money from now on.no more gold buying for me. 
  • artful (US1)artful (US1) US1 Posts: 6,617

    Personally, I have never purchased gold, but I probably would have eventually...but that's not going to happen as long as we keep being screwed around with as we have been for at least the past 6 months. In fact, playing this game has pretty much turned me off of the idea of EVER spending RL money on an on-line game.

    I am with you there, CA.  I had every intention of buying gold when I began, but I am a "try-before-you-buy" person.  When I had a huge problem, though, and GGS was unresponsive, I thought, "no wait."  Every time I think about making a gold purchase, the company does something else that shows total disregard for their customers, and lack of consideration, so I don't buy the gold.

    What I find most distasteful about this latest turn of events isn't so much that they took away the main incentives for playing the CC, but that they had the nerve to try to "sell" it as an improvement.  Don't lie to us, just own up to what you are doing and why.

    With every stunt, they lose more players and more revenue.  It's like a failing restaurant that tries to improve their bottom line by reducing quality and raising prices.  In the end, all it does is run them out of business.
  • If gold seeds were removed from the coop challenge then why is it still in the rookie leagues?? :*
  • Damaria3 (US1)Damaria3 (US1) US1 Posts: 1,737
    Ambrielle it may be a prize there but it is not in the prizes as you advanced they also now are giving as prizes only worth half what they were before they are back stabbing, lying coyotes but maybe I shouldn't insult a coyote.
    I have been a gold buyer from the beginning bc i am not a patient person and i can buy land with gold and push building times,  uses a little in CC but not much when had my own coop had to have for research ect.

    I am done until they start treating us fairly I will buy no more they need to bring back decent rewards and revamp that CC.  They need to quit lying and be upfront and above board at this point I dont know if they know how to be any of the things we need them to be.

  • I am very disappointed in this game and I have been here some years playing,I buy gold from time to time but looks like I need to keep my money and spend it elsewhere.

  • I guess I will have to get our co op demoted all the way down to rookie.  They are the only ones who can get gold flowers
  • johanne (AU1)johanne (AU1) AU1 Posts: 167
    For a hard working coop who don't use gold during  the CC's .. BUT do buy gold to support the game, taking away the gold flower and GML as a reward isn't fair. We may never win the top position but do strive to gain all the rewards during the challenge for every one in the coop.
    Although I have disagreed with how insanely gold is used during challenges I do agree with all that has been said about the removal of these rewards.
    And I for one will be calculating how much I buy in the future 
  • CookieHugs (US1)CookieHugs (US1) Posts: 308
    edited 17.10.2016

    I agree absolutely mrs.madmick  I'm so glad our co-op has agreed to not go full out for the next CC. I do however feel sorry for the younger farms/farmers in our co-op. We'll probably get demoted to Rookie league, but that's the way the cookie crumbles. At least until the gold seeds and GML are re-instated.

    The Rookie League still has GFS as one of the top prizes

    Also, taking high happiness deco like the pool of blessins and replacing it with a 45 happiness isn't nice either.  
    GFS.jpg 68.3K
  • maggie02 (INT1)maggie02 (INT1) INT1 Posts: 524
    I guess they have decided to increase the frequency of Coop champ, so they have reduced the amount of all rewards also.
  • WOW I had hope that the decos we were gonna get were going to be an IMPROVEMENT - Talk about a SLAP IN THE FACE!  45????   I can't even begin to fathom the reasoning behind this - SURELY this has GOT to be a mistake!  Like really?? A 45 deco is a highly valuable prize??? WHAT?!


    I have zero desire to even play now... 

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