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Impromptu poll -- Co-op Challenge

I don't see where polls are now against TOS, but I also don't see where we can add a real one to a thread. We should improvise with this in mind. Keep in mind that this is in no way an attempt to gather support for boycotts or other actions by players and their co-ops. It is just an attempt to give GGS some real feedback on their misplaced notion that "more players like the new format than dislike it".

Please respond with one of the following poll choices and add your reasons for answering this way, if you have time: (Feel free to copy and paste your selection or just respond with a number)

1.) I really dislike the new co-op challenge format and I strongly believe that changes must be made for me to continue to participate;

2.) I love the new co-op format and will continue to play.

Note to mods: If this type of thread is now against TOS, please remove it.


  • Uncle John (GB1)Uncle John (GB1) GB1 Posts: 11,004
    2.) I love the new co-op format and will continue to play.

    I like -
    The leagues and divisions - many more co-ops can strive to come first, or be promoted, or avoid relegation
    Being able to see the scores of adjacent co-ops - we know when a push is required and can all give extra
    I hate - 
    The prizes - they are rubbish, both the league prizes and the hardwork awards. They need to be at least as good as those for the Silo Event.

  • Sukiyaki (US1)Sukiyaki (US1) US1 Posts: 555

    2.) I love the new co-op format and will continue to play... if changes are made to the current format.

    - Prizes need to be upgraded to real prizes.

    - Buying reputation points shouldn't exist in a competition. (boosters are there, why add insult to injury?)

    - Gold league expectations should be tweaked to a more achievable amount of reputation points

    - The CC Wheel needs to be removed (again, buying reputation points)

    I did like the divisions, the ability to win in each division, the ability to see score of co-op above and below your co-op, the ability to be promoted or demoted

  • I was hoping that GGS would implement a token system that would allow members of weaker co-ops to save up for a good prize. I was disappointed that GGS didn't do this.  It's kind of a moot point now, though, as there are no longer any prizes worth saving up for.

    Flittermouse @ us 1
  • Michiru (GB1)Michiru (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,239
    2) I certainly don't love the new CC, but I will continue playing it.
    Mind you without gold though. (I stopped gold purchases since late last year, my personal boycott against many changes, and hey ho, farming has become much more relaxed since then)

    Good points:
    - no more solo missions
    - mission-start in general popped up much much faster with a larger number of people as opponents.

    Bad points:
    - Too low-rate certificates - I use the tractors a lot, and suddenly am struggling to keep them running
    - the new hard-work prizes are terribly measly compared to previous batch that included decs such as the blue tractor, 
    -the prizes - in the past, we were happy to win some decorations for our lower level colleagues and other useful stuff -for the last challenge most of them seemed worthless 
    Couldn't have phrased it better! 
    Won't mention RP, i personally have stopped caring 

  • Aphreal (GB1)Aphreal (GB1) GB1 Posts: 24
    1.) I really dislike the new co-op challenge format and I strongly believe that changes must be made for me to continue to participate;

    Was not a great fan of CC to start with, but played to help lower leveled coop members gain a few needed extra decors. Now there is nothing worth playing for the rewards can be produced much easier and much quicker yourself.

    As to the *buying* of RP as has been said before its no longer a competition but who can throw the most money at it.

    Any further participation on my part will only occur when both of the above points have been rectified.
  • mia111 (GB1)mia111 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 741
    I neither like nor dislike the new CC.

    I think there are good and bad points about the CC in general. As a good point of the new format, I like the idea of the leagues, but I dislike pretty much the rest. During this CC I noticed that it didn't brought up the coop together except for the frustration when playing missions, struggling to get few points just because the top people were getting insane amount of goods. It was uterely disappointing to play for so many hours for few reputation points and not useful rewards whatsoever. Maybe basing the CC in missions is not a good idea. I would like to see team spirit in the CC and I do not see it. I saw a lot of team spirit all Sunday's during the Santa Event and maybe the CC should be based in that kind of cooperation.

    As has been said, the chance to buy reputation points is, to put in a nice way, very frustrating for those that have been playing missions non-stop. If in general the ammount of reputation points to reach it is too hard for the coops, the shouldn't be a way to buy reputation point but instead the ammount of reputation points should be lowered.

    As it has been also said, the hardwork rewards are not worthy. The nicest hw rewards I have seen in the whole game are those of George's funnel event. It would be nice if they hw rewards of the CC could be improved.

    I agree with the rest that the top prize for each league is disappointing. It would be great if it could be changed. I read in some posts the idea of getting coop tokens and then being able to exchange those for prizes such as the old coop orchards and new prizes.

    And lastly, I think the CC wheel of fortune should offer rewards worth for the whole CC as well as the player spending the tokens. Getting reputation points in my opinion is not good: at first it may be seen as helping the coop, but it is also competing against the own members of the coop which doesn't help to bring the coop together. I think the rewards that could offer for the individual are similar to the normal wheel of fortune but with a twist for with coop: collectibles, decos, flags, some special coop stable or orchard, experience points, farm dollars, gold/gold mining license, ... and at the same time for example each 8 spin if the user earns some cash/gold, the coop account could gain the same amount, if the player gains experience points, for example the coop could gain coop points.
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  • CM LattenCM Latten Posts: 542
    Yay, ama made just the thread I need :)
    I'm currently summarizing the problems everyone had with the HW rewards from this, the announcement discussion and other threads, and if you want to help, feel free to add a few, quick, examples of cases you didn't really like, and why that is the case :)
  • 1

    ..there is so many things to say, but of all of them the best one is : 
    - how is possible ,in first 2 seconds of mission, to have 60 000 pig's out of 2 pigsties that are not even on their highest lvl ?

    that is just one thing, and there are som many alike ,and even more terrible ..... But I don't have so much time to write them all , because ...well,nobody will do anything about it.. :(
  • 1
  • MRG1 (US1)MRG1 (US1) US1 Posts: 1,554
    edited 21.04.2016
    What I'd like to see changed:
    • Remove Buying of Reputation in any form (Wheel of Fortune, Gold offers, Boosters). How about we actually earn Reputation by doing missions? I know I am barking up the wrong tree with this one, but this is my biggest complaint LOL.
    • Hard work prizes that I can actually use, and that will increase my Coop's desire to pull together and participate (Hint: speedy feed, regular feed, dung & leaves are not prizes!)
    • Better matching of Players (no level 7 playing against level147). Perhaps match players based on their coop's league,as it is obvious that those in Rookie or Bronze Leagues are not forking out massive amounts of Gold.
    EDIT to add:
    Could I also ask that the frequency of speedy seeds missions be reduced? Seems I would just finish alfalfa then get rutabagas then a few missions later get them again. I mean, you end up having to sell off most of what you make, even after making speedy feed.

    Post edited by MRG1 (US1) on
    MRG1  (US1)
    Former avid player... and long-time Outlander fanatic

  • Better matching of Players (no level 7 playing against level147). Perhaps match players based on their coop's league,as it is obvious that those in Rookie or Bronze Leagues are not forking out massive amounts of Gold.
    I really like that missions now start faster.  I hope we don't lose that.

    If any matching is done, though, I think it would be best to base it solely on player level, and to clearly announce what player levels are grouped together.  There will always be complaints, but people will complain a lot less if the matching rules are clear, and everyone can see that they are being matched according to those rules.

    And matching by player level will eliminate the problem of players having to sandbag between challenges in order to get easy mission opponents during the challenge.

    Flittermouse @ us 1

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