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Reporting players

Ive removed a player from my coop who was obsessed with knowing members ages and got nasty when some refused to tell the person their age. Since then i've had nasty messages from the player who seems to be now pretending to be a child when they slearly are not. Is there a way to report suspicious members to keep our young players safe?


  • aaabbb1 (INT1)aaabbb1 (INT1) INT1 Posts: 1,049
    Yes. You have to write to support and give them all the details. If you can make a schreenshots of the mesages that the player sent to you or other coop members, send those too. Just press home button in forums (line on top of the forums) and there you will have u button that will take to the support site. Just fill the data and wait. 

    The support is ussually very busy, so you will have to wait for some time to them to answer.
  • Mommasfarm (GB1)Mommasfarm (GB1) Posts: 39
    edited 21.11.2015
    This is all because i refused to give out details on my age and my coop members ages or tell the person if i have any children in my coop.

    She will send  abusive messages and then if not replied to within half a hr she starts a torrent of abusive messages that really does sound like it is a adult and is worrying that they are so obsessed with knowing what children are in the coop.

    Tried to report it  support now  as I want to be sure other players don't get abuse or give out information and put anyone at risk from undesirables in the game.but it will not go through so unable to  use the support link in the forum for some reason.  Any other ideas?
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  • kbahr007 (US1)kbahr007 (US1) US1 Posts: 1,841
    I would check on the player every so often to see if they are in another coop and when they are warn those members about what is happening
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    @Mommasfarm (GB1)  If the support link is not working for you, you could try sending an email direct to [email protected]
    making sure to include your username & which server your farm is on.
  • hey guys one palyers cheated me with same name of coop member and taken my leadership from me and now she was removed me from my coop right now i want complint on that player in forum to remove her id from the game can u pls give me where i have to send
  • aaabbb1 (INT1)aaabbb1 (INT1) INT1 Posts: 1,049
    You have to contact support. Press home (line at the top of forums) and then you will see a big button for contanting support. Or in game, you will find it on a top right corner where you have also setting, help and shortcut to forums. 
  • i send the mail to support about this issue but GGS dont taking necessary stp on this all coop suffering with it i want immediate action on it otherwise coop gone wrong 
  • You cannot expect support to reply immediatly as they are busy dealing with many issues. I contacted support about the the problem I have and they replied a few days later and again today

    You want immediate action but it isnt going to happen immediatly as you want it. Support like proof when putting in a complaint about another player.

    I'm confused what happened as you say you was cheated out of the leadership but you also say the player has removed you from the coop or she has been removed? If she has removed you then why dont you just start up another coop and message the coop members that you can remember telling them that you have started a new coop? wouldnt that resolve the problem?
  • jess_d (US1)jess_d (US1) US1 Posts: 3,515
    hey guys one palyers cheated me with same name of coop member and taken my leadership from me and now she was removed me from my coop right now i want complint on that player in forum to remove her id from the game can u pls give me where i have to send

    Please correct me if I'm wrong but it sounds like, someone used the same name as one of your members then somehow took your leadership position away?

    No one can use the same username as someone else (on the same server anyway). They could probably use something very similar but not the exact same name.

    The only way you could lose leadership is if you willing passed it onto someone else or if you hadn't logged in within the past 32 days or more. If you haven't been online for that amount of time then the leadership will pass to the highest ranked deputy or player.

    Unfortunately, no one on the forum can help with this situation. If you contacted support and they're not able to do anything, then I think it would be best to follow Mommasfarm's advice, start a new co-op and ask your former members to join you there.

    Good luck! :)

  • shabana1 (IN1)shabana1 (IN1) Posts: 13
    edited 04.12.2015
    ya i can start a new coop but y do this i gave my complite effort on the coop for build and taken 25th rank now one fake member joined and cheted with same name [Name Removed] is coop member in privious and some one created [Name Removed] and told me sis this is me pls take me in coop and she talked me as same as [Name Removed] so i cant guess she is not [Name Removed] and gave the leadership for night after morning u have to give me its condition but now she scolding me and yester day sended coop msg she is [Name Removed] she was a cheat and i want to complint againt her to take immediate action on it 
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  • Jiesta (NL1)Jiesta (NL1) Posts: 6,557
    @shabana1 (IN1) 

    Once again:
    @mommasfarm (GB1) and @jess_d (US1) gave you the best advise possible within our possibilities forum-wise. We can't help you any more on the forum.

    The only thing to do in these kind of cases is to contact Support, deliver them proof of your accusations/complaints and to wait for their respond.

    Good luck!  :)
  • ya send the complaint on this matter to forum
  • farmerjohn 22 (US1)farmerjohn 22 (US1) US1 Posts: 37,765
    ya send the complaint on this matter to forum
      Not the forum, shabana, SUPPORT is where you need to report your problem. :)
    Click to Contact Support
  • This is sounding more and more like a disgruntled player who was a leader, deputy,  but was demoted and removed  from the coop for whatever reason and now wants revenge on the coop leader. 

    If this is the case a leader can promote and demote anyone they want to and can remove any player without a reason.  Most of us coop leaders do however normally give a player a reason for removing them from the coop.

    If this is only a case of wanting  revenge then support might actually take action on you and not the player you are complaining about

    Best thing you can do is either join another coop or form your own one
  • jello (AU1)jello (AU1) Posts: 1,040
    Regardless of what happens shabana you gave me a good laugh thanks lol
  • aaabbb1 (INT1)aaabbb1 (INT1) INT1 Posts: 1,049
     gave the leadership for night after morning u have to give me its condition
    . Why??? Why would you ever need to give someone (even your best friend) the leadership of your coop for one night?

    Because of the santa event, of course. If leader does not have time around Sunday midnight and a deputy has, than leader can give his leadership to the deputy so he can quickly solve the problem of accidental start of another donation list, by booting the member and sending him the invitation. I am not saying its very clever, but at least its logical.
  • Are we not allowed to name problem players in the forum?   For instance, I'd like to know the player who is that is obsessed with identifying children playing the game.   We can be proactive and never allow any player identified as a problem into our cooperative.  Also, I've had a player contacting me over the past 3 or 4 days trying to get me to click on an unknown link, saying it will help me play the game.   Unfortunately, I deleted the message that had the link, or I'd send a screenshot to support.   That doesn't do much as it takes support so long to respond.   :pensive:    I should search the rules, but little time for that at the moment...
  • Jiesta (NL1)Jiesta (NL1) Posts: 6,557
    edited 19.02.2016
    @Helga7 (US1) 

    According to the rules we are not allowed to "name & shame" in the forums. But if you want to know the name of a certain 'misbehaving' player, you can always send the poster a Private message and ask for it.

    If you yourself feel the need to report a player (not only anonymous in the forum) then you can always send his/her name in a PM to a CM or send a report to Support.

    to my knowledge there are 3 (legit) websites where you can find info, tips & tricks about the game:
    1) https://bigfarmtips.wordpress.com/  =  Larino's Corner
    2) http://big-farm-addiction.wikia.com/wiki/Main_farm  = Big Farm addiction Wiki 
    3) http://turtleoatsgang.weebly.com/  = Turtleoats Gang

    Happy farming  :)
  • Niryn (INT1)Niryn (INT1) INT1 Posts: 255
    Nice necromancy, but a very important topic!

    To give context on why on most games' forums it's not allowed to "Name & Shame" players no matter how much evidence there is:
    Community justice gets out of hand quickly.
    Imagine a competitive player spreading false rumors of someone they have a grudge against, with photoshopped screenshots and the like. The target even if proven innocent by staff, will usually remain a social pariah and their reputation never recovers. Usually they end up getting a free renaming from staff.

    I've played a game where reports were handled via screenshots in a forum post, but they had to discontinue the practice because it got out of hand with how much old-timers were reporting each other, wasting GM's time.
  • CM LattenCM Latten Posts: 542
    Exactly :) 

    If you report a player, please do this via our support team, or send a PM (if possible include a screenshot or a link!) to a CM or Moderator. We'll take care of it :)

    Niryn perfectly summarized the reasons why we won't allow "naming & shaming" on the forums for this.

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