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What Attributes for RACE Horse?

andy123321 (INT1)andy123321 (INT1) INT1 Posts: 117
I am trying to keep the number of Horses that I have, down to two.
One for Show Jumping and the other for Racing.

What are the best atributes to train the Race-Horse? I don't want to
be spending horseshoes on non-essentials.
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  • Mina0o (INT1)Mina0o (INT1) Posts: 1,309
    edited 01.06.2015
    To be honest. It's probably better to focus on an all-around horse and get that one up to 100..
    Trying to get two horses maxed at the same time will be really hard because you don't have enough stables for breeding new and better foals. Just leveling them up without breeding will be crazy expensive in terms of horseshoes. Ofc, there is the horse market but the best horses there cost a lot of gold..

    But of course it's up to you how to do it so here's an answer to your question:

    The most useful attribute for racing is endurance, followed by strength. Breeding effects will also help, besides from the previously mentioned attributes you should try and get the breeding effect called speed.
    However, someone else calculated that the strength, endurance and agility breeding effects give better results than jump power, speed and elegance.

    Edit: also keep in mind that while the tournament season is active player will be able to challenge your horse in ANY discipline!
  • andy123321 (INT1)andy123321 (INT1) INT1 Posts: 117
    edited 01.06.2015
    Ok thanks for that. My number one horse is trained for Endurance and Strength, and does
    do well at racing, but is also Ok for Show-Jumping.

    So I suppose the follow up questions should be....
    What attributes for a Show-Jumping horse?
    What attributes for a Dressage horse?

    Or as you say, have just one good level all-rounder...

  • Uncle John (GB1)Uncle John (GB1) GB1 Posts: 11,004
    edited 02.06.2015
    When you challenge another horse, before you start the competition, you see the 3 attributes below both horses. The one with the dark green background is the most important in this event, medium green is next most important and white background is least important. Go back, change the event, challenge again, you will see that different attributes are highlighted
  • andy123321 (INT1)andy123321 (INT1) INT1 Posts: 117
    edited 02.06.2015
    Ooooo... Never noticed that.... Thanks
  • Yakoska (US1)Yakoska (US1) Posts: 1,631
    edited 02.06.2015
    It is a roughly +1/+2/+3 ratio....Thus a +1 Endurance, adds +1 to Jumping, +2 to Dressage, and +3 to racing.

    Elegance adds all to Dressage.
    Speed adds all to Racing.
    And jumping, naturally, adds all to Show jumping.


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