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XP weekly gains and ranking

I have been excited to make progress in the XP ranking category and have been paying more attention to it for the last few months, trying to break into the top 100 (just as a fun personal goal).

As I climb higher in rankings though, it becomes increasingly frustrating as I see players earning over 100,000 XP within 5 or fewer days time (seen in the weekly XP ranking category) and my own ranking drops accordingly.

This can only be the result of huge XP bonuses for buying gold (which I suspect), or a massive use of gold.

Is this even a viable ranking system? Are we measuring XP (experience points) or gold buying? I see now that there is no hope for me to reach the top, as I have played for several hours each day this week to earn the Halloween deco and flag in time for Halloween (really an excessive amount of game time) and have managed to drop 2 places in the overall XP ranking.

My suggestion is to end exorbitant XP bonuses for buying gold. If players want to use gold, they are technically playing the game and processing goods, so the XP is earned and should be credited. Not so for filling in credit card info though.

Or, GGS could create a new ranking for gold bought (overall and weekly) so we can all thank those who best support this game financially.

Am I missing some part of the big picture here? Thoughts?
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    I buy some gold and I don't think I get XPs for the gold purchase. However, if I use the gold to build something, I do get XP. Maybe that is what is happening.
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    I buy some gold and I don't think I get XPs for the gold purchase. However, if I use the gold to build something, I do get XP. Maybe that is what is happening.

    Thanks for your thoughts. Using gold to process is a legitimate gain in XP, although quicker than non-gold users. And, there are probably a few players who think nothing of spending a couple hundred dollars in a week to progress in this game. But, I think that's a rarity.

    I have had offers myself to buy gold in exchange for big XP gains though. That's really where I see things as going wrong with the ranking system.

    I will chalk it up to another experience with something unattainable without a large cash expense, and will focus instead on other more enjoyable areas of the game, of which there are many.
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    there is a prime time offer to which gives 1500 xp for buying 30000 gold

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