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July Update: Football, Seaweed and introducing our new Community Hub!

CM KaraCM Kara Community Manager Posts: 160
edited 13.07.2023 in Official Announcements

Howdy Farmers,

It’s summer time, but that doesn’t mean we’ll just lay around at the beach! With today’s Update, we’ve added fresh new improvements to our farms. So please take a good look at this announcement.

Brand new Seaweed!

As announced earlier, we will now perform some important changes to the seaweed system. The current seaweed feed options - potent, compound, and rapid - will no longer be available after the update. Instead, we will be introducing the powerful Seaweed Feed L, Seaweed Feed XL and Seaweed Feed XXL.
These changes will take effect once the update is complete and the new seaweed feed variants can be accessed through the usual ring menus. Once the update is done, you will receive compensation for any remaining potent, compound and rapid feed, which includes some of the new Seaweed Feed L and XL.

The new L, XL and XXL seaweed feed types will retain the full production skip element of the basic seaweed but have an even higher production output:

  • L Seaweed Feed: +69%
  • XL Seaweed Feed: +83%
  • XXL Seaweed Feed: +95%

Win the World champion's trophy!

The Football Fever event will kick off this summer again with the Women's World Cup taking place in Australia and New Zealand!

Collect coaching equipment by harvesting on your main farms. The equipment contains three types of event pellets: trophies, footballs and whistles. Bet whistles on your favorite football teams! Every time one of them scores a goal during a real match, you will get even more trophies and footballs.Those will be paid out roughly an hour after the match is officially over.

Play on the field in this exciting event and get the chance to get Football Fever themed decorations and activity rewards. The more footballs you earn the more powerful your rewards become!

Introducing the Community Hub!

We’re very happy to announce that our Community Hub is launching today!
The Community Hub will serve as a comprehensive, read-only platform for all the latest news updates, detailed game guides and player-created content. With that, we’ll provide a streamlined and intuitive experience, with all information readily available at your fingertips!

We look forward to welcoming you to the Community Hub and continuing our interactions on Discord.
Starting now, you’ll find the Community Hub in the Options menu on the right top of your in-game screen! :) It will replace the forum button. However, you'll still be able to login to the forums.

Visit the Community Hub here

Mobile Improvements

For our mobile users, we also have some improvements to share here! For one, we’ve optimized the interface: The quest notification arrow has been added to the mobile app. Also some elements of the user interface have been slightly moved to improve the user experience.

In addition to that, we’ve added a quick production button on the building while the context menu is open for you to be able to play even quicker and more naturally than before. Users of the mobile app now also have a new dialog for the community buildings that has been optimized for mobile devices!

You see, there’s much going on and there’s still more to come this Summer so keep an eye on Big Farm!
Yours, Tessa



[Production] When there are only 4 or less items present in a list, the scrollbar won’t show anymore
Fixed misleading amounts of ingredients which are displayed in production facilities e.g. dairy and bakery


Fixed the text of the Inbox and Outbox where the Text ID was showing


[DE] Fixed a wrong tooltip text about collecting currency in Temp Farm Traders

📱BF Mobile


Adjusted the text size of the “storage full” dialog
Fixed a bug where the buttons showing the specialists are displayed over the previous ones
Fixed a bug where Decorations with Village Happiness display a wrong amount of rebuilding time

You can discuss  Ice in summer?! >> HERE<<


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