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fish and time

Edge how do you calculate that fish per hour with the time that you have

I know that there must be a way to do it, but I'm at a loss I thought I figured out a way but once I changed the amount of fish I was getting the answers didn't make any sense

and please don't say the dockyard calculator I've tried using that and I can't make heads or tails of it


  • jules (US1)jules (US1) US1 Posts: 24
    To clarify I'm trying to find a general formula for calculating the amount of fish I get per trip
  • Grandpa Squeak (US1)Grandpa Squeak (US1) US1 Posts: 182
    edited 02.12.2022
    If you are talking about a boat rental for Oleg all you have to do is hover over Oleg with your mouse pointer and your total harvest and time remaining to complete that harvest will be displayed.

    If you are talking about deep sea fishing it depends on your type of boat and its load out but the game calculates quite a bit of it for you.

    Each type ship has a base travel time saved, base fish capacity, base fish caught per hour, and a base total maximum fishing time. These are displayed at the bottom of the crew/equipment screen from upper left to lower right for that ship when you open it up. They are different for each type ship and each upgrade of that ship.

    This is the view of a maximum upgraded trawler. When you build a new ship it will have 6 equipment/crew slots. Each time you upgrade your ship (maximum 6 upgrades) it will add a slot, add travel time saved, fish capacity, fish caught per hour, and total maximum fishing time.

    Placing a crew member in one of the slots gives that ship that benefit for that fishing trip. In this example I have placed a Brigitte (travel speed crew member) in my trawler. Each Brigitte reduces travel time in a trawler by an additional 27 minutes. There is an appropriate travel speed crew member for each type ship (Icon in the upper right corner of the crew portrait). If you use the wrong ship class crew member for the ship that you are loading, you get a reduced benefit, so its best to use appropriate crew/equipment for each of your ships. The total time saved is calculated and displayed in the load out screen.

    Each fishing pool has a travel time that is longer the farther away it is from your dock. If you click on the pool icon

    and then on the go fishing icon. A window opens that displays potential hazards and standard travel time (one direction).  Subtract your total time saved from this number to determine the amount of real world time it will take that ship, to reach that pool. It will also take this same amount of time to return to the dock once the boat is done fishing. (Be careful not to accidentally select a ship and send it when you are checking travel time).

    Other crew and equipment have similar effects on your ship but in different categories. Capacity equipment (coolers and freezers) will increase the total number of fish the ship can hold for that trip. Fish caught per hour crew members increase the number of fish caught per hour by that ship for that trip. Fishing time crew members increase the total time spent fishing by that ship for that trip. The same warnings apply to these regarding appropriate crew/equipment by ship type.

    Once you have your load out set the totals are displayed. Divide hours spent fishing by number of fish caught per hour to determine total number of fish you will catch for that trip (if your ship is not struck by any hazards) and make sure that your capacity is enough to hold all those fish and that the pool contains that many fish. If not, juggle your crew and equipment around until you get a best fit for that trip. (Hint: crew are much cheaper for fish caught than capacity). Your ship will stop fishing once it is at capacity or until the pool is out of fish (which will reduce the time spent fishing by a ratio of the number of fish short).

    You can calculate the amount of time that will be spent by this ship but its easier to just click on the ship. Travel time count down in the current direction will be displayed, or fishing time remaining will be displayed if the ship has arrived and fishing has begun.

    You get 2 free standard load outs (shown in red) that you can determine, name, and save (so that you can use the same load out again without calculations on similar pools) and you can buy more slots with gold or a subscription. You can also use a single specific fish equipment (shown in green) in one equipment slot to ONLY catch that type of fish, with that ship, on that trip or two different specific fish equipment if you have capacity and available slots to filter out one type of fish in a pool that holds 3 different types. (Hint: don't waste money on lobster cages since only lobsters are found in lobster pools).

    Maximum total ships that you can have in the fishing region is 14 regardless of ship type.

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