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help with fish math

I know I saw a link that led to a breakdown of fish cost to profit but I did not get the ability to look at that link because when I tried to open it my web browser wouldn't let me through don't know if the page doesn't exist anymore or if there's something wrong with the page itself

I'm fairly bad with mathematics and I could try and figure this out on my own but it would take a lot longer than asking people who have already figured it out

here is my question taking into account the costs of all the ingredients that means the fish the plants and anything else the fish dishes need are they worth making and if so how much is my actual profit compared to the profit of say making the ingredients and then just selling them off the way they are

I know that there's probably parts of the game that will require me to make those items in order to get further I'm simply wondering if they're a good source a strong income when I need it or if it would be better to just sell the fish the way it is and save myself the trouble a growing all of those other items


  • Grandpa Squeak (US1)Grandpa Squeak (US1) US1 Posts: 182
    edited 01.12.2022
    Lower level fish market contracts will sometimes want the fish dishes. You make more money using them to fill these contracts than selling them straight out of storage. The higher level contracts tend to just want deep sea fish. Most of the fish dishes you make will be used as gifts for the adventurer in your coop's village. Giving these as gifts to the adventurer will get you special seeds, special humus, special fertilizer, collectables for coop projects, etc. As you donate to the adventurer you will learn which things he wants most often so you can concentrate on making those.

    Customers that walk up to your market don't request fresh (or deep sea) fish so your fresh fish will be used for dishes that are in the non-lucrative contracts and for the adventurer or sold straight out of storage. Your deep sea fish will be used to fulfill higher level (and some lower level) contracts.

    You don't have to do all your fishing by hand. You can rent boats for Oleg to use at the dock on the flower farm and he will bring in a variety of fresh fish. This is much less time consuming.

    I have gotten to the point where I do very little manual fishing. The exception is gold fish rescue events. When you collect animal sheds during the event you get fleas as drops. You can use your windmill(s) on your main farm to make fleas into gold fish bait. If you fully upgrade your amphibian fam machine and run it at the 50% level each fish you catch is 1.5 fish but rounds up to 2. This is the best way to use the goldfish bait and win more goldfish tokens.

    The gold fish tokens can be used at the trade center to buy some special items during and right after the event. The gold fish tokens carry over so you don't have to immediately spend them the way that you do the coins from the temp farms.
  • RosyStarlingRosyStarling Moderator, Guest Posts: 4,718
    Are you referring to the Dockyard Calculator?

    It;s not a web page. You download it.
    And it definitely still works.

    If you want to use it is HERE
  • jules (US1)jules (US1) US1 Posts: 24
  • jules (US1)jules (US1) US1 Posts: 24
    Are you referring to the Dockyard Calculator?

    It;s not a web page. You download it.
    And it definitely still works.

    If you want to use it is HERE
    no i want a list of prices for the goods that it takes to make fish dishes then i want the price that you get for selling and buying said fish dishes

    for ex let's say you had a fish dish and you need it 20 corn 10 herring and 1 tuna can the dish cost 3000 to make

    what are the buying and selling prices per every piece of corn that you have to use (if you didn't want to grow the corn yourself and decided to buy it from the game with farm dollars how many farm dollars would be used for each piece of corn) 

    ( just an example just throwing random ingredients in numbers together)

    basically i want a list of expenses and profit that i get from anything in the game that has to do with the fish dishes

    the fact is is that it's one of the first producible items that i've been able to get that is made from something that's rather profitable the way it is i'm wondering if it's more profitable and just to sell the fish the way it is or if it's a good idea to make the fish dishes and sell them

    yes i know that future contracts in the sea restaurant market call for the fish dishes but i'm not at that point yet i'll figure that out when i get there

  • Grandpa Squeak (US1)Grandpa Squeak (US1) US1 Posts: 182
    edited 01.12.2022
    The answer to that question is: It varies.

    If you buy something off the market it costs 10 times what you get from selling it directly to the market. As an example it costs 10 farm dollars to buy a wildflower. When you sell a wild flower directly from the barn you earn 1 farm dollar for it. If you grow wild flowers it costs zero farm dollars to plant (the only main farm crop that costs nothing to plant). How many wild flowers you receive depends on what level the field you have planted them in is and what level your wildflowers handbook is (available at the library and occasionally on sale in the prime sales tab in the upper left of your screen) and if you use humus on the field and what type of humus it is you are using. It can also vary by planting special seeds that you can grow in your nursery (if you have one) or manufacture in your laboratory (if you have one). You can also buy handbooks for the dishes made in the Mermaids bay so that also makes a difference as does increasing your Mermaids bay level and any time you change one of those things the cost to profit ratio changes. It gets even more complicated when you grow crops to make into livestock feed and dung to make into fertilizer and you can decrease the amounts of each required by installing a water tower on your farm and those things can all be modified by level of processing building and by associated handbook level.

    You would have to either find an app someone has created and input the numbers from your farm into it, do the math each time you sell, or write a spread sheet program of your own.

    Its easier to just keep in mind that direct selling items from storage gets the least amount of farm dollars, selling directly to walk up customers is next most, and selling in contracts is the best.

    If you pay to grow it, process it yourself, and then sell it, you make more money. Buying ingredients from the market to process and sell is not cost effective at all at least until you have all your processing buildings and hand books at maximum level, which will take either lots of gold or lots of years.
  • Morti (SKN1)Morti (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 485
    And don't forget your happiness on the farm, it also affects your production costs.
    The higher the happiness, the less expenses
  • To give an idea of how worthwhile (or not) fish dishes are for contracts I finally got a level 99 contract that wants only roast bass and apples. A single roast bass and apples sells for 588 farm dollars directly out of the barn. This contract is offering 198,896 for 1,132 of them. Which works out to 175 farm dollars each. That means that you would be giving up 466,720 farm dollars for a single special violet seed packet. Poor contracts of this type you should cancel and wait for the game to generate a worthwhile one.
  • seb72 (FR1)seb72 (FR1) FR1 Posts: 1
    Sacré arnaque ce contrat dit donc
    cela sous entend qu'il faudrait calculer chaque contrat pour savoir si ils sont bénéfiques ou non.
    vive la gestion !

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