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Regular Mill vs Efficent Mill

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Then i will share with you amount and difference! This amount is not calculating with badge but with book and Regular Mill lvl 9.
For my opinion is good but currently i am seeing how much will cost for to upgrade until lvl 9 with gold. I want to share that with you because i think worth it. But costs from lvl 1 to lvl 9 is 507k gold. On this way is little bit expensive for players. 

Regluar Mill  lvl 9
Corn 384          
Wet pig feed 480
Cabbage 480 
Goldfish pellets 960
Cow silage 384
Cow feed 480

Efficient Mill lvl 9
Corn 448 (+64 more then regular mill)        
Wet pig feed 544 (+64 more then regular mill)   
Cabbage 544 (+64 more then regular mill)   
Goldfish pellets 1152 (+192 more then regular mill)   
Cow silage 448 (+64 more then regular mill)
Cow feed 544 (+64 more then regular mill)
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