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Obstain Farm Tips&Tricks

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Hello all, i want to share with you my strategy of Obstain farm!

First step: i know much player want to win dollar there easy, how to win it!

1.Once you have opened Obstain farm in the beginning, you have to buy 10 pieces of Volcanic acre, it is preferable to spend 400 gold for 10 pieces in the beginning it is easier to buy with gold than obstain dollar. Why Volcanic Acres are so important, because with them you can finish contracts much faster and earn more dollars there. It is preferred in the beginning to have good happiness because you lose less money and for tomatoes it is free to produce them. So contracts are useful to be filled in first all to earn dollars.

Second step
2.Now I will tell you which houses should be a priority in the beginning, let's start with the main Adventurer's lodge house.

2.1 Adventurer's lodge: Why should it be one of the priorities, because in addition to gaining a worker, it will also reduce your time to build a house, orchard and stable. It will also increase your capacity.

2.2 Cabin: what the Cabin is for, it serves to raise the workers on your Obstain farm, at first it is very important to understand why you should spend the crystals in the best way and one of them is the Cabin. In addition, you should always be careful not to exceed the limit with them because you will lose dollars if happiness is not good, so I suggest that in the beginning you build only 8 pieces lvl 1, why I say this because you do not need more for a start because for a Volcanic acre lvl 1 8 workers are needed and 8 houses are enough. How to manage happiness first a Cabin lvl 1 has -35 happiness and 2 pieces are -70, then I prefer you to put "Jungle Idol" is the name of the decoration, 1 piece has 77 Happiness and covers 2 Cabin lvl 1, 10 pieces "Jungle Idol" decorations at first would be good because you have better happiness there that I want to hurt you less in dollars.

2.3 Warehouse: why you should add to your priority and Warehouse, it increases your capacity to store products. There are no other specifics.

2.4 Volcanic Acre: are the areas that help you earn dollars in the beginning, by concluding contracts, it helps more on the Obstain farm to earn dollars, there are 5 products with these names Rye, Saffron, Sage, Tomato and King Salmon. You need to invest more in Volcanic Acre by raising them to higher levels, for each level you increase you will be able to complete contracts faster and make money faster. Currently I have lvl 5 10 pieces and in two, three days I earned almost $ 2 million obstain. I know it will seem hard at first to do, but it's not, it's really fun. I have set it at my top priority to unlock all the levels there. Because they help me a lot to make money.

2.5 Feed Kitchen:what Feed kitchen is for and how it works, it serves to produce animal feed, for Ostrich, Lizard and Orca. I suggest that in the beginning you do not have it in high priority, because with level 1 you can manage 3 pieces of Ostrich. To produce food for Ostrich you have to produce plums and rye, Rye can get it from Volcanic Acre while Plums from Orchard then I will tell you why it is necessary to have more than three plums and three Ostrich. Currently I have Feed Kitchen lvl 1 because I do not have it in my priority because I can manage it with lvl 1 3 pieces Ostrich.

2.6 Plum Orchard: what Orchard plum is for and how it works, she needs it to produce food for Ostrich. It is much more important in the beginning to have this priority before Dragon fruit, do not invest in Dragon fruit before that, because you do not need it for the beginning. In the end I will tell you why Dragon Fruit is not very important and I will complicate you to complete the contracts.

2.7 Ostrich enclosure: what Ostrich enclosure is for and how it works. Ostrich is a stable that helps you earn dollars and complete contracts, it is very important to invest in livel to grow, at first you do not need Lizard and Orca because you will have a harder time completing contracts and managing production properly of food in the kitchen feed. I currently earn dollars from them, I prefer you to have 3 pieces in the beginning. Currently I have level 4.

2.9 Conservatory: what the Conservatory is for and how it works. Conservatory is a house that helps you a lot and should be one of the top priority for you, why I say that, because it helps you produce special seeds for obstain. Helps you complete contracts very easily. It helps me a lot to finish the contracts and I will also help you a lot on your main farm to produce special seeds for main farm. I am currently doing that research for level 5. Every high level helps you to shorten the production time, it is really impressive to finish the contract there quickly. To unlock special seeds you need 10k crystal, but it is really worth it there are many benefits.

These are the houses that you should prioritize in the beginning.

I will tell you about contracts, Contracts are very important, I suggest you finish everything that comes your way. Why I say this because it will make it easier for you to level up and earn more dollars. At first it will seem difficult but it is worth it. I also advise you not to build Dragon fruit, Lizard and Orca, why I say this because if you build them then you will be required in contracts and these products, so I suggest that in the beginning you only have products from Volcanic Acre, Ostrich and Plum. With these you will have it easier to terminate the contracts. Remember that the Conservatory is really very important in what I said above to conclude contracts more easily. Do not cancel them whatever they are. Try to increase all with lvl you will be offered even more dollars after each good level.

Current my Obstain farm is this :
Advendutre Lodge lvl 5
Cabin lvl 5 
Warehouse lvl 5
Volanic Acre lvl 5
Plum Orchard lvl 3
Ostrich lvl 4 
Feed Kitchen lvl 1
Conservatory lvl 4, going for lvl 5 soon. 
and Decoration Jungle Idol 

I hope to help you as little as possible. I apologize if I made a mistake somewhere in the grammar.

Will was better if Mods will share it on other forum and other language!

Yours GP!

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  • tkayd (US1)tkayd (US1) US1 Posts: 22
    I bought 3 vocanic acres but they still have ice chunks on them and I can't build.  How do I get rid of the ice chunks?
  • Heather Norsk (US1)Heather Norsk (US1) US1 Posts: 6,930
    @tkayd (US1)
    you must clear them like we used to have to do on regular land plots .... the buttons are like you demolish them 
  • tkayd (US1)tkayd (US1) US1 Posts: 22
    Thank you..  I was afraid to do that in case I lost them
  • Uncle John (AU1)Uncle John (AU1) AU1 Posts: 10,171
    Have you looked at the profit to be made by producing and selling Ostrich Feed ?  I'm finding it vastly better than contracts.

    Have you looked at the profit to be made by producing and selling Ostrich Feed ?  I'm finding it vastly better than contracts.
    Not think so, i have try it and i have thought so but not is, i win more dollar now as then. on begin is hard because you must to increase contracts lvl and you will see. You can sell also those directly if you must to have dollar. Try to increase on begin contracts with two products and one products.  You can put only plum orchard and to finished contracts with one product fast. But dont put something other on obstain farm just plum orchard if you want to do super fast dollar. If you want to discuss just write me on Discord i am on bigfarm server. 
  • Uncle John (AU1)Uncle John (AU1) AU1 Posts: 10,171
    I understand @GREENPANDA (INT1), you are seeking maximum income whereas I am looking at maximum profit margin.
    My problem with your approach is that I don't think I have a use for loads of obsidian dollars, a few obs seeds and hunus for the mf and that's about it   :¬)

    then you can sell ostrich feed, but aslo with contracts you can win dollar and feed for to sell , but if you want to have more seeds or humus you should to have a good conservatory lvl 5-6 is so good.
  • Morti (SKN1)Morti (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 348
    Have you looked at the profit to be made by producing and selling Ostrich Feed ?  I'm finding it vastly better than contracts.
    Killer whale feed is better i think.
    You only need fields and a feed kitchen. They give $ 640 per. unit
    For ostrich feed, you must also have plum plantations, it requires more space at all!
  • Morti (SKN1)Morti (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 348
    GREENPANDA said:
    1.Once you have opened Obstain farm in the beginning, you have to buy 10 pieces of Volcanic acre, it is preferable to spend 400 gold for 10 pieces in the beginning it is easier to buy with gold than obstain dollar.
    RosyStarling saide:
    As a general rule of thumb something bought with gold is upgradable only with gold
    But does it cost gold or can you upgrade with dollars afterwards?
  • You can buy Volcanic Acre with Gold and upgrade with Obsidian dollars.  Does not require gold to upgrade.
  • Morti (SKN1)Morti (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 348
    What do you think is best, having several different items in the contracts, or leveling to one item?

    @Morti (SKN1) i suggest more to finish contracts in begin you should to be patient. Because is not much easy.
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