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missions tips

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since if u wanted to get promoted in cooperative championship - try to get multifarmer for more rep points.
main farm.

harvesting crops missions -
1. IF you have seaweed humus, dont waste it. check if u have the special seeds. and plant it then use seaweed humus dont speed up. (Nursery or farm lab helps)
2. build more fields so this would be effective.
3. do ur best dont try to spend gold

stables missions -
1. make sure to check all ur stables were not using or already can harvest - start powerhouse
2. use seaweed feeds if ur not using.

corn missions are way easy -

apples missions -
1. make sure to checc apple were not using or already can harvest - SEAWEED DAMNNNN

dung missions -

okay guys breaded is stupid he dont even know

edit: use farm lab instead of nursery its faster
damn more edit: only for newer users im not sure though

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