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Collectibles - from CrazyBigFarm

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Collectibles, what are they?

Collectibles are those extra items you sometimes get when harvesting on your farm. Examples are a Tractor, a Fly and Tickets, I am sure you have seen some. They are stored in your Inventory, which is accessible by clicking the green box button in your toolbar, as shown below.


Upon opening your Inventory you get several different tabs, the one we are focussing on is the collectibles tab, shown at the red arrow below.


As you can see at the blue arrow above, when hovering your mouse on one of the different collectibles it shows its name and what type of field and/or building it comes from. In this case, the Fly, it shows you have a random chance to get it from working with your Windmill and Silo.

How that random chance works exactly we don’t really know. We think you have a certain chance to get a collectible every time you make something, so if you make 10 fertilizer you get X% chance to get a Fly. If you make 100 fertilizer you get X% chance times 10, because you are basically making fertilizer 10 times in a row, giving you a chance every time.

Collectibles, what are they used for?

Ok great, we have some collectibles now, we know where to find them in our Inventory, but what are they used for?

Finished ProjectEvery project needs a certain amount of 3 different types of collectibles to be “full” and ready to start. If you go to the Projects tab, also known as the rake and shovel tab, you can see all the available projects. When they are filled with the right collectibles a green check-mark will mark it, as shown here with the top most project.

When such a check-mark is missing, the project isn’t full yet and you need to donate collectibles to be able to start it.

To see which collectible is needed you need to click on the project itself, this opens a details-screen to the right of it where you can click the Collection Details button, as shown below.

Collection Details

Clicking this button opens the following screen:

Collectible Doneren

As you can see, the Tractor and Transporter collectibles have been donated by other co-op members, but the Teamwork collectible is still open. I have enough to donate the 135 that’s required so I can click the button marked by the red arrow. If you don’t have enough collectibles you can always buy them with gold, that’s what the button is for that’s marked with the blue arrow, but you can’t take the collectibles back if you do this so make sure you really want to spend your gold on that.

Filled Collection

After donating the collectibles you can take them back if you want, by clicking the button with the orange arrow on it shown on the right.

Below is an even more elaborate picture of the Wild about Apples project, with 3 different views. The first amount of collectibles, the tickets, can still be donated. You see the box with the green arrow and the blue button there. I have enough of those, so the arrow is green. If I would not have enough the button would be grey. The second amount of collectibles, the teamwork puzzle pieces, have been donated by me. You see the same box with red arrow as the picture above. I could take these back out if I wanted. The third amount, the containers, have been donated by somebody else. The green check mark is there and there are no buttons for me to donate or take back. If I hover my mouse over them, it says contributed by: former member. This means the member that donated them has left the co-op and his collectibles are still in there. If the member is in the co-op his name will show. If any of the members in this co-op would hover their mouse over the teamwork collectibles, they would see contributed by: Larino. If they have enough of these pieces and would like to donate them to finish the task, all they need to do is ask me (Larino) to take the collectibles out so they can put them in. So if you have enough collectibles of any kind, but they are already donated by a member that’s still in the co-op, ask this member if they can take them out so you can finish your task!

Project collectibles donating

When all collections are filled you are ready to start the project, so mobilise all the co-op members and get those Solidarity Points to get your cooperative to a new level. Do note, only a deputy or leader can start the project when it is full. Normal members are not authorized to do so. Simply adding collectibles is enough to complete your stockpile task, starting a project is not required. If the projects are full, you can either ask somebody to take their collectibles out if you have enough or you can ask for a project to be started and add the collectibles after it is done. Do make sure everybody knows you want to add them, or the project may be filled in no-time by the other members of the co-op!

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