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[Ended January Contest] No Need to Login: Easy-Peasy Big Farm Multiple Choice

ChickadeeQuilterChickadeeQuilter Posts: 967
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No Need to Login: Easy-Peasy Big Farm Multiple Choice Contest

January 16-21, 2022 (closes 3:00am CET)

There is no need to log into the Forum. Simply click the link below and it will have you leave the site, but just click on the link again to open the contest. Hopefully this will be a new and exciting contest for you to experience. 

1. One entry per player (no multiple accounts allowed)
2. Failure to add your in-game name and server will invalidate your entry.
3. Based on the number of correct responses, 1st-3rd place winners will be selected by the lottery system.
4. Community guidelines should be followed
5. Mod team has rights to make any changes to the contest at any time, also to disqualify you.

1st Place:  4000 gold 
2nd Place: 3000 gold 
3rd Place:  2000 gold 
 All other winners will receive a share in the remaining gold allotment.

To Participate in the Contest Press HERE

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  • ChickadeeQuilterChickadeeQuilter Posts: 967
    edited 17.01.2022

    ~Take Note~

    While you don't need to login to the Forum, some of you will need to log in to the Google Forms in order to do the actual contest.  Never Fear! No aspect of your personal google login information will be compromised and will not be seen by anyone.
    Thank you Heather for bringing this to my attention. :)

  • ChickadeeQuilterChickadeeQuilter Posts: 967
    edited 23.01.2022

    ~Winners Announcement for the Easy-Peasy Big Farm Contest~

    I am so happy that you all enjoyed this contest.  We had 60 participants of which 45 received perfect score which took into account the issue of my invalid question about the name of the dog. I am sorry that I could not make all the participants "winners", but there is going to be a "next time".  Hope to see you all again in my next contests. The Random Number Generator nicely selected winners for the 1st - 3rd place as follows:

    First Place (4000 gold)
    Vani (IT1)
    visboer (NL1)

    Second Place (3000 gold)
    Autumnferret (US1)

    Third Place (2000 gold)
    Nehemia (GB1)
    Magnus Rex (US1)

    Other winners (345 gold)
    Heathcliff (INT1)
    maxiroy (US1)
    Alaa Ali 1 (INT1)
    RileyOlivia (US1)
    shy90 (US1)
    Bridge (US1)
    AngelAngel9 (US1)
    Jenny1979 (GR1)
    monica-63 (IT1)
    Heather Norsk (US1)
    cherrylips (RO1)
    sylciafi (PL1)
    Uncle John (AU1)
    Letty.liongamez (GB1)
    karadok (PL1)
    landghe (SKN1)
    Maron (IT1)
    43Kp5d (US1)
    AHC (US1)
    shazamd (US1)
    English Rose (US1)
    Nubb (INT1)
    daiseybella (US1)
    Snatch (US1)
    jwllmsjnb (US1)
    zippy7 (US1)
    Morti (SKN1)
    artful (US1)
    masha (SKN1)
    tensheds (GB1)
    Red Rose( RU1)
    Barbiecharm (IN1)
    Barbiecharm (IN1)
    Sarah7 (INT)
    farmgirlmimi43 (US1)
    Rachel S. (US1)
    CrazyBestBuddy (US1)
    JVD (US1)

    Please note that payouts will be Monday at the earliest.  Thank you all for participating.  It was exciting for me to see a whole host of new players come to the forum.  I hope to see you all in future contests.   Be on the lookout for more to come.

    ChickadeeQuilter, INT Moderator
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  • Heathcliff (INT1)Heathcliff (INT1) INT1 Posts: 115
    Thanks @ChickadeeQuilter and congrats to all the winners
  • antigone6 (US1)antigone6 (US1) US1 Posts: 469
    Thanks Chickadee for the fun contest!  Congrats to  all the winners!

  • Vani (IT1)Vani (IT1) IT1 Posts: 212
    edited 22.01.2022
    I love this kind of contests.Thank you so much  :) Congrats to all

    L'amore non è altro che la danza di due <3 
  • Heather Norsk (US1)Heather Norsk (US1) US1 Posts: 6,977
    I agree, this contest was fun. Some of the answer choices made me laugh, and laughing is always a good reward :)
    Thanks Chickadee, and congrats to all the winners !  
  • Blue Denim (US1)Blue Denim (US1) US1 Posts: 3,790
    Congrat's to all the winner's, Well done, :)

  • The CM just notified me that all rewards for this contest have been paid out. Enjoy! :)


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