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Ripper Street Co-op: Your future home? (Updated Feb 2022)



  • ShadLoxley (US1)ShadLoxley (US1) US1 Posts: 70
    edited 31.01.2023
    I joined Ripper Street about 5-6 months ago. My first day, I knew I wanted to stay.

    Ripper Street isn't a super pressurized competitive co-op, and while going for a hard play once in a while, they haven't lost the reason for the game: Having Fun.
    They are a family or supportive people who want to help you grow your farm.  Chat is active, with tips, and lively fun:)

    The co-op and it's players are not incredibly high levels, but they play like high levels.
    They don't all buy gold, but they play and rank well:)

    The leadership team is incredible, and everyone knows a lot about the game, and is willing to help you.
    Ripper Street has been incredible my entire time there.
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  • Thank you Lox :smiley:
    We really enjoy having you too!
    I appreciate your kind words.
  • Bennet Drake (US1)Bennet Drake (US1) US1 Posts: 488
    edited 01.02.2023
    It's that time again! Time to brag on the wonderful, amazing team that is Ripper Street!
    We vote from time to time on doing a hard play Co-operative Championship, and on the last weekend of January 2023 we went for it. As a team that do not have deep pockets, and with many who can't spend real money, we saved up our purple stuff. Since we know we'll always be out-spent, we set reasonable goals so decided to go for Top 10 in Gold League CC.
    Rippers far, far exceeded this goal and finished an incredible THIRD in the Gold League CC!
    Thank you to the great Co-op, Happy Lil Farms (themselves Gold League winners), for their encouragement and sportsmanship by allowing us little folks this moment of glory. We realize that if they had gone all out they would have beaten us, but they held back to give us a chance :smiley: Thank you guys!
    Rippers set a new best co-op score of over 200 million points, and no fewer than five Rippers finished in the Top 50 players: congratulations to @Midnight73(US1), @farmer enos(US1), @AwesomeSampson(US1), @rsmic(US1) on your excellent finish in Top 50!
    There were also 25 members with a score of a million or more, confirming how the entire team just pulls together when it's time! 6 Members were away for various reasons which makes the feat even more wonderful :smiley:
    Well done Rippers! You truly are a dream team! All your hard work and dedication is greatly appreciated.

    PS: And any players out there looking for a co-op home, drop me a line in game. We'd love for you to come visit and just maybe make us your forever home!
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  • It is with a sad heart that the Rippers learned this morning that we lost one of our Ripper family.
    Rest in peace, Lee B. Horse. We enjoyed having you as part of the team and will miss you.
    Prayers for comfort for his family and loved ones.

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