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Ripper Street Co-op: Your future home? (Updated Feb 2022)



  • I couldn't help myself :-) Had to come brag again with another first for Ripper Street.
    We have a member (our Deputy Midnight73) in the TOP TEN PLAYERS!
    Congratulations, Midnight! We are very proud of you.

  • Well, what can I say about the magnificent Ripper Street co-op?
    They once again made this old heart very glad and excited with a magnificent win in the Silver League of the Co-operative Championship that started on 2 April 2021.
    It was an exhilarating ride, with many members posting incredible scores.
    Our very own Midnight Ripper did it again to make the top 50 players' list, and got as high as number 4! Well done Midnight, and thank you for your loyalty to Ripper Street. I know we may not deserve you (as some from other co-ops told you in a message... lol), but we appreciate you and your dedication and loyalty!

    Farmer Enos... what can I say... over 2 million points at L48. WOW. You put me to shame... lol
    Haxan has joined our 2 million points club too. Well done! Monks is not far behind. We're getting really good depth of play now, so my kudos to everyone that posted a score and helped us win.
    You are my dream team. I thank you all and I'm grateful you are in Ripper Street!

    We remain just about full, but we have just one coveted spot open right now, so if you'd like to be part of the RIPPER STREET ROCKS team, send me a message in game, and I can send you an invite.
  • With a heavy heart Ripper Street co-op says goodbye to S and A Farms (Twink), who has decided to quit the game after 5 years of playing.
    Thanks you for all your help, Twink.
    We will miss you for sure.
    But... Ripper Street with forge ahead...
    Send me a message in the game (or even here) if you would like to be part of a great little co-op!
  • A little belated congratulations to the Ripper Street team for finishing top ten in the Gold League of CC.
    It's mostly thank you because of a quick and surprise visit from Sqizzle that we owe this, so thank you, Sqizzle, it was fun! We certainly had a glimpse of what the big fish do, and while it is not our aim as co-op to win at all costs and all the time, it is fun to see our name "up in the lights", so to speak.

    Thank you too to the team for a great GDW, our best ever. It is great to learn together, make mistakes together and grow stronger because of them. Thank you, Tadas, for the valuable information you shared.

    Ripper Street rocks!
  • As Ripper Street co-op continues to grow, the accolades keep rolling in! One cannot want for a better team. Once again they stepped up during the Village Fair, and secured a well fought 6th place in the Diamond League (top) of VF. It's even more amazing if one looks at the membership/levels of those other co-ops, since we only have 9 members L100 and up, while those have nearly 90% of their membership so. 

    Ripper Street members have hearts of L900+ !!!

    To the team, you ROCK: @Midnight73 (US1), @DFarm (US1) (JR), @monks (US1) , @shy90 (US1), @begonia (US1), @Maria899679 (US1), @Spagetti Farmer (US1), @HipMartin (US1), @Haxan (US1), frogjump, Sunnydale, Romper, @Suze2 (US1), @farmer enos (US1), @Farmer Dru (US1), @Awesome Sampson (US1), Paula Bickett, @Annij (US1), @Gramma4 (US1), @happy46 (US1), @FarmerBrown2 (US1), @samyfarmer3 (US1), @Dionysius (US1), @Maaeroniz (US1), @beetheghost (US1), @JustGrowNow (US1), @creousa (US1), @NanaFarmer41 (US1), @FarmaKcb (US1), @headstones (US1), @dotValorous (US1), @A.J.03 (US1) and @ADVAITH (US1).

    Ripper Street will continue to go from strength to strength! We have a strong core of loyal members who are learning and teaching. We enjoy trying things. We share leadership and ideas. I am no "boss", I enjoy input and initiative from all our farming family, and members get to run GDW for us too. So watch out... one of these days you'll see Ripper Street co-op in your mirror for a fleeting second or two before we rip on right past!

    If this is a team you think might be for you, come give us a try. We have a few spots, and continue to research "Recruitments". We welcome new and seasoned players alike, so if you're tired of your old co-op, is new and would like to grow, or just need some change, come on over!
  • It has been a while because I had to be away due to personal reasons, but I'm back to brag about my incredible team called Ripper Street! Thank you, Maria, for taking the reins while I was away and leading the team so well.

    There is no team on Big Farm with a heart like the Rippers! I am so incredibly proud of them, as they just continue to get better and better. So my new "brag" on them is for the just-completed Co-operative Championship (Oct/Nov 2021). Not only did the team pull out a most amazing victory in the Silver League Division 1 through sheer determination and grit, but there were also a slew of new co-op records set that will become part of our history.

    Our very own Midnight73, who cut her teeth in Ripper Street, came for a visit, and made her own history! She became the first Ripper Street member to take #1 spot on the Top 50 board. No one deserves it more, as we watched her grow from a baby farm to a force to be reckoned with, and we know she's a Ripper at heart - our very own Midnight Ripper. Congratulations, Midnight! You are awesome. I'm so glad you achieved this milestone as a Ripper!

    No less than three Ripper Street members finished on the Top 50 board. Congratulations to our Farmer Enos for a well-fought 16th place. His first time on the board too, and definitely not his last!
    As someone who, for personal reasons cannot spend real money, I'm hoping this appearance on the Top 50 board will serve as inspiration to others. Through hard work, one can get ahead in the game.
    The rest of the team deserves great accolades too! Several personal best scores were set, and it made my heart glad to watch scores climb past a million, then more, then even more. More members scored a million or more than ever before. You guys are incredible! Our newer, lower level members (yes, we do take new players - we were all rookies once and everyone deserves a chance) jumped right into the deep end with us and set scores that are just way beyond anything I could imagine. I look forward to the future when they are leveled up - take note, Ripper Street is coming!

    This is a big thank you to the team - I know words are not enough, but it's all we have here. You guys absolutely rock my world and gives great joy to this old heart. I do thank you all by name - too many names to mention here - but you know you are an amazing farming family of friends. It was most encouraging to watch you all on the day there was no Wheel of Fortune in the CC pile on the missions to let us take the lead, and then extend it, and extend it even more! You guys are a hard working team with incredible perseverance, and you all deserve the win so much. Ripper Street rules!

    If you are looking for a team with heart, this is the team for you. We don't demand much in our "rules", but members give themselves freely and fully to make this the very best co-op in Big Farm. Well done, Ripper Street, you are simply the best.
  • shy90 (US1)shy90 (US1) US1 Posts: 21
    We do have an awesome team and a very fun CCC.
  • Thank you, @shy90 (US1)
    You have a great signature!!!  <3
  • Maria899679 (US1)Maria899679 (US1) US1 Posts: 133
    Very proud to be part of this great co-op and team. We are a real family <3:)
  • Thanks Maria  :)
    Another great signature!  <3
  • Bennet Drake (US1)Bennet Drake (US1) US1 Posts: 488
    edited 02.01.2022
    As we get to the end of 2021, Ripper Street co-op can say with pride that we have made great strides during the last year.

    And we are looking for a few more active players, be they newbies, or higher level players just wanting a change of scenery. We are an active co-op, with a lively chat, continuous projects and we offer lots of help and advice for newer players trying to build up their farms.

    What do we offer you?
    1. All Main Farm, Gourmet Farm and Co-operative Projects research done. Gourmet Products research nearly complete. 
    2. Growing Co-operative village: factories at maximum levels for our co-op level, bank, pond, warehouse, job center constantly being worked on. Active (L3) horse meadow. Jetty at L1.
    3. Respect, friendship, advice, tips, help, sparkles and chat for those who enjoy a chinwag from time to time. We have members from all over the world - USA, Canada, Sweden, Philippines, New Zealand, South Africa, Croatia, Vietnam, and players from all ages (teens to 86), so it's easy to fit in.
    4. Times of hard play and competition by mutual consent. We do not play hard all the time, but when we do, Ripper Street is a team like no other!
    5. Times of relaxation to just build your farm, get to know members, build up supplies and just have fun.
    6. We are a team consistently in the top twenty of the Gold League CC, and we play Diamond League VF. We generally place in most events, so there will be prizes for you to collect! And you can help us get more!
    7. Deputies with actual portfolios that will keep you informed of everything we do and plan to do.
    8. Consistent play in Greta's Dream World (top 200) so you'll earn diamonds.
    9. Communication, teamwork, success and enjoyment.
    10. We will NEVER ask you for gold donations. Members donate dollars as they are able, and some donate gold (mainly through purchasing the gold co-op special).

    What are we looking for in members?
    1. Members that can communicate in English. Not everyone likes to chat, and that's OK, but we are strong on acknowledging important co-op messages and letting leadership know when you'll be away for an extended period.
    2. Participation in events as you can. We understand that not everybody can play hard all the time, but we do look for consistency and logging on several times a week. We have a strong core, and at the moment we can carry a few sporadic players, but as we grow, that might change.
    3. Team players who can fit into our friendly, helpful team and help in the various events and co-operative projects and upgrades.
    4. If you are in a small co-op, struggling to figure things out and get ahead, we can absorb 3 - 5 players who want to come over together. Message me about this first, please.

    Come and give Ripper Street co-op a try. You might just stay forever, but if you don't, no one loses. Send application to Ripper Street co-op (mention this forum post) or message me (Bennet Drake) in game and I'll send you an invitation. Hope to see you soon!
    Post edited by Bennet Drake (US1) on
  • Bennet Drake (US1)Bennet Drake (US1) US1 Posts: 488
    edited 02.01.2022
    Welcome, LuckyAyla, to Ripper Street co-op.
    Glad you saw our post. We're honored to have you, and hope you'll be happy with us.
    Awesome that we can now include beautiful Switzerland in our member list.
  • LuckyAyla (US1)LuckyAyla (US1) US1 Posts: 16
    Honored to be a part of the very nice and friendly Ripper Street co-op. Thank you, Bennet and everyone :smiley:
  • Is your co-op dying?

    Are you tired of constant competition? Want to build your farm but also like the occasional hard drive for a win?

    Do you enjoy meeting new folk, helping out and even chatting at times?

    Why not give Ripper Street a go? We're an up-and-coming co-op that have been building up over time, none of us are huge spenders, but we do win our fair share. We play a hard event every couple of months, but do not have to win at all costs (though we do win... lol). We are very active and play Greta's Dream World well.

    We enjoy helping our members and have a wealth of information to share. We do accept new players.

    We have an active horse meadow, and our co-op village is progressing nicely. Current research is for the Flower Farm: Main Farm and Gourmet Farm research is done, as well as Co-operative Projects.

    So come give us a try! You don't have to stay if you don't like us, but there is no harm in trying! Send me a message in game, and we'll go from there.

    See you soon!
  • S and A Farms (US1)S and A Farms (US1) US1 Posts: 379
    edited 03.05.2022
    Hey Bennet, made it into the forum, finally after over a year of being shut out, not able to post or comment. Too much to look at right now, so will come back at a better time to look around, see what I have missed. See you later for some VF fun on the farm.
  • Glad to have you back again, Twink. And to see your super signature... missed it.
    Go go go Rippers!
  • Ripper Street extends a HUGE congratulations to our very own S and A Farms (Twink) on reaching the big milestone of L300! You are our very first L300 player, and we are honored to have you with us for this great achievement. Way to go, Twink, and here's to your L600 :smiley:

    Couldn't give you fireworks in chat - but here they are!
    FIREWORKS in North East - North East Chamber of Commerce
  • Thank you, I hope it doesn't take me as long to hit L600 as it did to get to L300. It has been a journey, full of fun, meeting(virtually) some wonderful people, sad times( death of my beloved husband in 2021), happy times(birth of a baby boy in 2021) oldest girl in college, working, youngest girl will be in her last year of high school next year. She has a part-time job and just got her drivers license last Fri. Bennet has been so kind, letting me back into Ripper Street, then not booting me when I was away for several months. Love Ripper Street, and the members I chat with, laugh with. Twink
  • Bennet Drake (US1)Bennet Drake (US1) US1 Posts: 488
    edited 30.05.2022
    Ripper Street co-op continues to go from strength to strength.

    We've been building up over the past two years, and we're slowly making our way to a consistent top ten in Gold league CC and Diamond League VF. We also play Greta's Dream World consistently and manage around top 150 - 200. So we all have constantly growing apple coin and diamond balances.

    Our team is loyal and helpful, and we enjoy sparkling and helping our new members with tip, tricks and tutorials if needed. All research is now done, except for Recruitments, and we don't intend to rush growing big in a hurry, as we like to see folk settle down and become part of the family before expanding.

    We never require gold donations. We do have a few members that spend real money, but that is not required. We have several members who don't spend at all (myself included) and we still do a really good job of growing. 

    We play hard by mutual decision every couple of months, to flex our muscles, but even without playing hard we finish in the prizes in CC and VF, CHWE and even the plane event. We don't prescribe how you need to play. If we decide on a hard play event (next one scheduled around mid-June) we do ask that all members contribute a score. We do have several highly competitive players, and we encourage individual style. We also have folks from all over the world, as well as all ages (except really young kids) and chat is active but not mandatory. We understand that not all folks are chatterboxes like some of us... lol.

    We welcome members of all levels, but we would really like to add a few seasoned players to our team. There are some old, old co-ops out there that seem to be "dying", so if you're in one of those and would like to see a bit more activity, why not give us a try? You don't have to stay forever (but you might want to), but we can use your help while we help you get some goodies. If you're interested, message me in game (US1 server) and we'll go from there. We'd be honored to have you!
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  • Ripper Street has done it again  :)

    I just can't help brag on the wonderful, hard working, friendly and helpful team I'm honored to be part of.
    We set out to win Silver League Co-operative Championship (ending 17 June 2022) and the Rippers did it with a convincing score of around 40 million points more than second place. Well done Rippers!

    Congratulations to those finishing in the top 50 players, Midnight and Enos! I managed that feat myself, and hope to continue to be an inspiration for those who cannot spend real money, but enjoy the challenge of doing well. We had a few new members who astounded us with their scores, and that bodes very well for the future as they grow stronger with us. Congratulations to all those members who improved on their own personal bests! And with every CC we play hard, our number of millionaires grow! Well done, guys.

    We do have a few spots open, so if you're looking for a co-op, give us a try! We don't play hard all the time - by mutual decision we do a hard play every few months - but when we do play to win, no one can beat the dedication of this dream team. And we grow stronger all the time with a core membership that has been there from the very start.

    Well done, Ripper Street and congratulations on your win!
  • For those who wander the halls of this forum, and are Ripper Street (the TV show) fans, here is a sweet, sweet story that adds to the Ripper Street charm.

    Twink (S and A Farms), who has been with me from the start, will tell you that from the start I kept saying Ripper Street Co-op needs a Rose  <3

    While recruiting a week or so ago, I sent messages to new players not yet in a co-op. Of course, since the message comes from me, it says "Bennet Drake" (a name I just borrow from my favorite character in my favorite show).

    Imagine my joy when the next day I found a message in reply.... "Hi Bennet, this is Rose...."

    So, with great gladness Ripper Street welcomes Jane Doe, aka Rose, from Paris, France. She has to remain incognito of course, lest her fame as queen of the music halls cause her to be mobbed  :)

    We also welcome new members Richie3j, Runningbear9, RedRonda, Kyn, BigRunner85, greymione and sashae and hope you guys will have a lot of fun with us!
  • Ripper Street co-op has reached another great milestone!

    On 9 August 2022 we will be 3 years old as a co-op. And what a wonderful 3 years it has been. We've had our ups and downs, but the incredible members of Ripper Street has made it mostly ups! It's hard to find words to describe my appreciation and affection for all of you. I wish I was very rich, and could fly us all somewhere for a huge party, but sadly words are all I have.

    Without S and A Farms (Twink) Ripper Street would not exist. Twink came over from her old co-op to help me days after I first posted, stayed a few weeks and taught me so much, then went back to Hearts of Gold. But in the end she decided to make Ripper Street co-op her home. Thank you, Twink.

    We have other long standing members, and if you like a good story, our thread tells it all. But I do want to give a shout out to all the current members of Ripper Street:
    Deputies: S and A Farms (Twink), Midnight73 (oh so glad you came back home to us), DFarm (JR) our jetty man, Suze2 (been with us long, our project manager), shy90 (with Twink our longest standing member, and factory CEO), farmer enos (multiple top 50 CC champ), AwesomeSampson (our research coordinator that steered us to finish all research, except recruitments), A.J.03 (the strength of youth, soon to be in Hawaii), Spagetti Farmer (Tom, our honest bank manager), Maria899679 from Croatia, long standing member and has helped lead in my absence, samyfarmer3 (currently away) and dainkmemes from New Zealand (pity about those All Blacks... lol).
    Current Members: meb11, BlueLorraine, HipMartin, frogjump (very long standing member), Haxan (also with us long), rhturn (Bob), Farmer Dru, FarmerBrown2, AkikoStar, Tina1992, KnallaDelainee, engmamfarm (Joe), Romper, Kat O, Farmer Dandre (Debbie), Jim10, nccpa-Nan, ezlou, FarmerJessy1127, April412, RedRonda, Proto001, ember24537, Rose Erskine D. (Yes, I finally found my sweetest Rose), El Gato, Themissypoo, farmerFreank5, MarcusGamer, KellyJo3213, greymione, Joe Hank, shasae (Brianna), FrancoisBee, Monkey_D-Luffy, BlackGhost and DanPlayer.

    To all of you Rippers, thank you so much for making Ripper Street the special team we are. I appreciate all your time, your effort, your friendship and your help. We've made huge progress to be one of the top 15 Gold CC and top 10 Diamond VF teams consistently. And you guys do a great job in Greta's Dream World. If it was not for all of you, I would have quit several times over... lol... but you guys rock my world and keep me here. In my opinion we are the best co-op on the US1 server... and no one will change my mind. Respect for each other, despite differences, have always been my goal, and you all do it beautifully. I look forward to the next year(s) and I know that should the day come that I'm no more, any one of you can take Ripper Street further and higher. Here's to the day we reach Master's League :smiley: !

  • A.J.03 (US1)A.J.03 (US1) US1 Posts: 2
    That was such a sweet message Bennet :)

    I am so grateful to be a part of the Ripper Street co-op and can't wait to see how we continue to grow 😊
  • shy90 (US1)shy90 (US1) US1 Posts: 21
     A Beautiful message about the Ripper street co-op.  I have watched the first show of Ripper Street and I enjoyed the show,
  •  A Beautiful message about the Ripper street co-op.  I have watched the first show of Ripper Street and I enjoyed the show,
    Thank you Shy :smile:

    Ooh I hope you continue watching the whole series. It is the absolute best - my favorite of all time. And of course, don't start me on Bennet Drake... lol... just the best character ever!
  • Such a great tribute to the members of Ripper Street. It has been my pleasure being in the co-op for the last 3 yrs. You put up with my pouting, my stubbornness, the butting of heads, my time I was gone for so long due to a personal loss, you welcomed me back with open arms, and I thank you. Ripper Street will continue to grow, and I do believe someday we will make to the Masters League.
  • Maria899679 (US1)Maria899679 (US1) US1 Posts: 133
    Such a great message Bennet :) Sorry forgot to post here. Love to play every day in this great team, you make the game fun!
  • I came to brag about the magnificent Ripper Street co-op yet again.

    We are a solid, growing co-op, and from time to time we vote to do a hard play CC. In the past we've dropped down to Silver League to win it, but this time members voted that we should see how high up we can get in the Gold League. We are a realistic co-op, and none of us are huge spenders, so we decided to give it a go. We know we're a long way off from winning Gold because we don't have the membership nor the money to spend, so we went in not knowing what to expect.

    Well, the Rippers did amazingly! Not only did we set a new co-op high score, but several members set their own personal high scores, and some of our newest members absolutely floored us with their scores. We had 6 people away with notice, yet we were able to finish above and beyond what we imagined.

    Congratulations, awesome Ripper Street, with finishing FOURTH in the Gold League CC!

    Well done to Suze, Tom, Sam, FarmerBrown, Shy, Maria, Kat and Rose who all set new personal high scores. Tom deserves special mention because he more than doubled his previous high score. 17 of our members managed to score a million or more points, and 3 Rippers finished in the Top 50 player's list: congratulations Midnight and Enos for once again getting that honor. Suze and Sam also reached Top 50, and though they didn't finish on the list, we know it's only a matter of time before they do.

    You are a very special team, Ripper Street :smiley: Well done and thank you for all your hard work, dedication, perseverance and most of all for making the game fun!

    Interested in joining our team? Message me in-game and we'll go from there. (Only 2 spots left)
  • 2022 Was a very good year for Ripper Street! The hard work of building a good, solid, happy core team is beginning to pay off, and the Rippers are now consistently in the prizes - Gold League CC and Diamond League VF. Rippers also feature in many, many other places: Forum Contests, Ranking Lists, the Horse Events - demonstrating their commitment and continued progress as virtual farmers.

    I am so very proud of you, Rippers :smiley:

    We may not be #1 everywhere (yet), but I know when it comes to teamwork, respect, helpfulness and friendliness, there is no other co-op on the US server like the Rippers. Others may buy their "victories", but we work for what we earn, and I know 2023 will be a great year for Ripper Street! We are the BEST team out there, and we will yet show it in the rankings too for those who think that matters most... lol.

    I want to wish my dream team of Rippers and all their loved ones far and wide a very happy New Year and a safe and happy 2023.

    PS: And if you need to join this super team, just message me here or in-game. We have space because we uncoupled the gravy-train caboose... lol.
  • Spagetti Farmer (US1)Spagetti Farmer (US1) US1 Posts: 8
    edited 31.12.2022
    I joined this coop over a year ago. I have never regretted it and have had no desire to leave it. We play relaxed most the time and still place very well. When we team up to play hard we place very very very well. It helps when our leader has studied the game and has an extreme amount of knowledge and wisdom about it. I like the fact that if Bennet doesn't know the answer to a question our variety of knowledgeable players means someone will have the answer. If not (which is very rare) Bennet knows where to go find the answer. We have a fun chat. We get lively at times while still respecting our diverse team, ranging from the young adult to the seasoned farmer. If you are not a chatter, we have plenty of those as well. We have very active players in all events. To the new player, come, have fun and grow and enjoy the rewards of a well structured team. To the seasoned player that may be tired of spinning your tractor tires, come play, win and relax and enjoy those same rewards. You will be amazed at our team effort. I truly believe that we make this game fun for all. Come, give us a look. Kick the tires. If you like us then take us home. If you don't, well that's ok too. Happy farming in your adventures wherever they may be. Mostly...It's a game...Have fun with it!!!

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