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Obscured amounts when harvesting

When harvesting fields or animals we used to be able to see the number of drops with them.  eg.  items from valentine's day and so on.  At the moment they are being obscured by the z's (if item hasn't been replanted) or the actual picture of the item before harvesting.

I like to see how many items I'm getting for the current event - Valentine's Day.  We get different amounts for different crops.  I don't want to be short on the very last day so being able to see after each harvest is helpful in making sure I'm collecting enough each day to make the target. 

Yes while I can take down the number before starting the day's play & again before going to bed but that would be a bit late if I'm down on the day's amount that is needed.

This, I think, started when the current event started if, my memory serves me right.

Anyone else noticed this or are my eyes deceiving me?


  • Summer (SKN1)Summer (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 844
    I agree, although I have found that when enlarging (zooming) I can see the numbers. All of them do not hide as easily. But that is not a favourable way to go about it. A pain tbh.

    Would be great if this could be fixed.

    Cheers :smile:
  • Ozzie (AU1)Ozzie (AU1) AU1 Posts: 524
    I have also noticed the bubble that appears above the people's head that are walking around my farm is also not accessible until they are clear of other bubbles above fields & animals etc.  You can't hover your mouse over them until they are in the clear.  Makes it hard to get to them if you have a lot of items to harvest.  

    I don't always go after them but when they are near where my arrow head is I will get them.  The icons over items on your farm used to be sort of transparent but now it's almost like they are of a solid nature so you can't see through them.

    Can this be fixed also?

    Thanks.  :)
  • JVD (US1)JVD (US1) US1 Posts: 2,784
    I see all  the drops and the numbers if I hover over them as always... not an issue for me as I prefer to clear the flying stuff as quick as possible... if I am interested in particular numbers etc, I take my time clearing the flying stuff! :)

    I am happy to see a lot of flying stuff now resides behind the things I am harvesting and trying to replant/refeed as needed! Please do not change this! thanks :)
  • Summer (SKN1)Summer (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 844
    Sorry, JVD (US1) I differ. To me it is a pain that it hides that way. Adding that it is too easy to accidently mouseover and get blocked by another then the one intended and have to click outside the farm to get it removed. Lose time and get annoyed. Time is of essence during i.e events and when one has to hurry due to real life calling, at least I have found it to be so. Doubt I am alone about this.

    Sure would be grateful to get it fixed.

    Cheers :smile:

  • eug1 (NL1)eug1 (NL1) NL1 Posts: 11,434
    I fullu agree with Summer. I get annoyed by all these irems that drop when harvesting. Especially when it are a lot of them. For example, during the Chinese new year, when collecting food from the mill I saw dozens of drawings appearing. They blocked my view on the mill completely. Or during the WWC. On a field, there was the item I was harvesting, with a sideplant I saw that one too, the clay or sand appearing, two types of counters for the WWC and occasionally a collecting item. All followed by a number. It slowed the game very much down. So, when there is a possibillity to switch it of, I would be among the first players to use that function
    An on and off button would be a nice idea for all of us.

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