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Fireworks Benefit?

It says items dropped will be doubled, but my mystery boxes didn't double?  What exactly DOES double with the Fireworks Booster?


  • It says items dropped will be doubled, but my mystery boxes didn't double?  What exactly DOES double with the Fireworks Booster?
    What are called "pellets" - Things that get dropped when you harvest your farm, so at the moment that would include the flyers for the County Fair event, things you might be collecting for a weekly event or any other events running at the time.

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  • I harvested roses, BCF says 20 drops and that is what I got, it is so confusing that things are not standardized, if we get double XP then that is what you see, but sometimes it may or may not be.  If we were supposed to get increased drops with roses I didn't see it when the fireworks were displaying
  • artful (US1)artful (US1) US1 Posts: 6,606
    edited 24.08.2018
    never mind. 

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  • RobAnybody (US1)RobAnybody (US1) US1 Posts: 176
    Roses have a 50% chance of dropping 0
                           48% chance of dropping 10
                            2%  chance of dropping 20
    So with fireworks running your totals sound right.
    The Blue Ribbon Reputation booster is for the  reputation points earned through playing missions. The missions must end before the booster runs out.
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