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Best browsers to use for Good Games

Dear community,

Due to the nature of our current Flash based web games, we’d like to provide you an overview on the best browser to enjoy a smooth and comfortable gaming experience.

Which browser is best for playing web games and why is a question of increasing significance for all of you. Some may even not know just how much the right browser choice can influence game performance.

Since we are currently working on the HTML5 version of the game, it’s time to consider the options and we recommend updating to the most recent browser version as soon as possible.

Google Chrome
*Recommended by GGS*

Many consider this browser especially suitable for managing hardware resources. In practice, Chrome delivers a smooth gaming experience and stable performance without freezing or stopping. Browsing the web, you’ll find almost uniformly positive feedback regarding the gaming experience with Chrome.

The current version is Chrome 63, and you can either download it here or, in case you’re already using Google Chrome and auto-updates are not active, you can just upgrade your current Chrome version by clicking on the three vertical dots at the upper right corner, select “Help” and press “About Google Chrome” to check for the latest version and begin updating if you haven’t got it already.


Firefox allows you to play games equally well and smoothly. It is a major browser and is very commonly used by gamers. Firefox is one of the best choices in order to play browser based games with stable performance.

The current version is Firefox 57, and you can either download it here or, if auto-updates are not active, you can just upgrade your current version by clicking on the menu at the upper right corner of the browser window, selecting “Help” and press “About Firefox”.

Microsoft Edge

Edge, Microsoft’s new browser for Windows 10 seems to work well for games and is another one recommended by us. It offers a smooth and streamlined gaming experience. Microsoft Edge is part of the operating system and can't be separately updated. It receives updates through Windows Update, like the rest of the operating system.

The current version is Edge 16 and you can download it here, if you’re running on a Windows 10 system.


Generally our games are also playable on other browsers, such as Safari or Opera for example, but we highly recommend using one of those mentioned above for the best experience.

We hope that this list of browsers helps you a bit in choosing the right one with which to play our games and provide you a smooth gaming experience.

In case you are not able to install or upgrade one of the browsers mentioned above, please be so kind and fill out this survey in order to provide us more detailed insights about your browser choice.

Best regards,

Your GGS Team

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