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Brat Pack Not Participating in Next Coop Challenge

Since I am posting this on the US and EN forums, I wanted to introduce myself. I’m FarmerMarkD - Mark - co-leader with @marywisc (US1) of the Brat Pack, the #1 coop on the US server. I apologize in advance for the length of this post, but we have a lot to say.

The Brat Pack has decided as a group not to participate in the next coop challenge for many reasons unless major changes are made to the new structure. First let me say that I completely understand that GGS is a business, and all that that implies. I’m hoping this can be a positive post, letting GGS know what our coop feels about the changes to the coop challenge, and that positive results might come from them having this information.

Let’s start with the good. It’s great that GGS listened to some of the users’ complaints about the coop challenge:

  • ·         The coop challenge is now coming less frequently, between the islands. The frequency was becoming wearing and tiresome, and many in our coop were burning out. This is a great adjustment
  • ·         The solo mission fix was a good one. It’s great not to have every mission be a solo all day long.
  • ·         The league structure is a good one. It gives coops a chance to compete against their peers instead of one huge group with everyone competing against the most established, top coops for the top prizes.

Thanks very much for listening to our concerns and addressing them.

Now the bad:

  • ·         One of the major complaints in the past was the reputation point buys that were available during the challenge. Instead of evening the playing field in some way, this issue was made far, far worse with the latest iteration of the challenge with more shopping bags, more boosters, more ways to buy points.
  • ·         The new Wheel of Fortune during the challenge is a disaster. It should be called the Wheel of Silage. Most of the prizes are the fast pig and cow feed, which we can produce cheaply and easily on our farms. As we saw from the outcome of the challenge, many folks were spinning many, many times in order to build up rep points and get to the top spots, with the prize of 1m rep points. This is certainly a win for GGS, as folks spent a lot of gold to get those prizes, but not a win for the users. It took a lot of spins just to get to the top 500 for double experience points, as folks were spinning for the rep points.
  • ·         The new booster system is not a good one. The coop boosters are much more expensive to run. To compound this problem, the personal boosters were also very expensive, so our members needed to save their farm cash and gold to run their own personal boosters, and could not contribute as much to the coop for the coop boosters for fear of bankrupting their farms.
  • ·         The hard worker prizes were a mixed bag. Some were great - gold mining certs, goldflower seeds, seaweed. Most of the prizes were pretty lousy though, and the amount of rep points to get them was very high. The top prize, for 100m rep points, seems way out of proportion. As far as I am aware, only 2 coops on the US server reached this level and won that prize. In past challenges, few coops have EVER reached 100m rep points in a challenge. This makes the top hard worker prize out of reach for most everyone in the game. To add insult to injury, many of our members (and others in other coops) never received this prize or many of the other hard work rewards. We were promised them at the end of the challenge due to a programming glitch, but they have yet to show up for many of my members.

The issues with this new system can be seen by glancing at the top 3 individual rep point earners on the US Server in this challenge - who earned a combined 155m + rep points during the challenge. I don’t fault these individuals for what they have accomplished - they played within the rules of the game as GGS created it and did very, very well. But to put it in perspective, if these top three players had been in one coop - with NO other players in the coop - they would have placed 2nd overall in the gold league on the US server. How is this a “coop championship” rewarding teamwork when 3 individuals, acting alone, could have placed second overall in this championship? It’s difficult for our coop to work hard, playing mission after mission, to achieve these hard work rewards and then watch as others just buy them. Really takes the fun out of the challenge for us.

Let me add this: Mary and I don’t have complete control over the other 63 players in our coop (though sometimes we certainly wish we did lol). You may see Brats in missions during the next coop challenge. We are asking our members at this point, though, not to do missions during the next challenge. We’ll be watching from the sidelines, hoping for positive changes. Best of luck to everyone.

Thanks for listening.


  • adoptapet (US1)adoptapet (US1) Posts: 1,760
    edited 08.04.2016
  • Oh, and just a few more things..for one decoration lvl 6 ,which happiness is under 100, everything is too much! And before there were apple orchards which we could've donate or sell them,and have some actual profit that way!...

  • angie50 (GB1)angie50 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 223
    i cant see the point of doing feeds in a mission, u have to keep selling them at a loss. some of our players couldnt  compete especially when its pigs and cows, its too much. is there cheats for this game, i cant understand how some players av 10,000 pigs, it cant be done, ive tried no way can i do it and im a high level player. we like the new CC, but there is a lot of teething problems hopefully they will sort it out.
  • 10000 pigs is done with silly amount of seaweed feed or skipping production time with gold all the way through the mission on your highest level pigsty. 
  • Brave Ana (GB1)Brave Ana (GB1) GB1 Posts: 254
    I totally agree with you and I feel the same, but how all of us know the ''GGS's gold dream'', and are still players that are spending a lot of their money for some decos nothing will be changed. 
  • bdreish (GB1)bdreish (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,341
    Totally agree @ bikeboy(GB1), the thirst for gold by GGS has spoiled a brilliant game.  Like you, I still play because I love the game, and also because of the lovely members of my coop and those on the forum I have made friends with.  
  • Fawners (US1)Fawners (US1) US1 Posts: 436
    The only fun with this new COOPCHA is how the co-op comes together and enjoys the competion.  This new COOPCHA is such a train wreck that we all had a hard time enjoying ourselves.  The 100 million rep pts in the Gold League to reach for any decent prize is ludicrous, along with the Wheel and constant pop ups to buy rep pts.  Why in the world does GGS call this a challenge!!! :-1: 

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