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Forum Contest: Let's get creative!

Hey everyone! For this contest you will get to be creative and come up with a new type of contest! All you need to do is describe your contest idea that you would like to see us run. The most creative entries will win and we will run your new contest idea in future contests! Please click "like" on the contests you think would be fun and like to play.

The chosen entries will be ran as future contests! Prizes including gold and a community bonfire may be awarded, depending on how much you impress us.

Please post your entries in this thread. You may submit more than one entry but you can only be eligible to win once. If you have more than one idea, please put the ideas in different posts. This contest will end Tuesday @ 13:00 CET


  • My fifth idea would be...

    Big farm Labyrinth!

    There would be a picture of labyrinth, on one end ther would be ( Tessa, George..) on the other end of labyrinth there would be ( sick piggies, silos..) - find a way from ( for example) Tessa to sick little piggies.
    We could take the picture of labyrinth on our computer and fulfill the way from Tessa to sick little piggies! :D 
  • Name that Person!
    This is simple, but can be hard! 

    Have a picture of a big farm person or give clues, and have players guess who it is. 

    Helps races your horses

    (answer: Rose)
  • UserRishi (IN1)UserRishi (IN1) Posts: 122
    edited 10.04.2016
    My idea is to take 3 pictures of Farm and hide them on all Three farms (1 farm 1 picture) and make a grid and then tell them to find and give grid wise answers to the list
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  • I think a simple word find puzzle would be fun, except you don't give out the words in the puzzle,instead you need to find all the words and most words found wins.
  • I have got an idea of a new contest: A competition to make an impressive symbol related to big farm for gold and they need to draw the coin with a symbol. The coolest, neatest and most impressive will win.
  • raj0007 (IN1)raj0007 (IN1) IN1 Posts: 5
  • mia111 (GB1)mia111 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 741
    "Farm mastermind"

    A version of mastermind in which instead of having colored pegs you have farm products. The idea would be to give a series of rows with different farm products and the standard mastermind answer for each row so that the final solution could be deduced but not easily visible. Players should provide the correct solution.

    Example of a row could be:

    cow - chicken - corn - dandelion - apple ; 2 right product right position, 2 right color wrong position, 1 wrong product
  • mia111 (GB1)mia111 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 741
    "Where is...?"

    A Big Farm version of where is Wally, but instead of searching for Wally, players search for Big Farm characters (number and name unknown) in a busy farm image. Moreover, the characters have lost an item and players need to find them. So it is a double search game: first search for a character and then find their lost item. Players should provide the character name and their grid reference plus their lost item name with its grid reference. For example:

    Eva in F4 can find her lost apple in B1 (for once she didn't lost the bees!)

    Other examples of lost items are George's hat, Lana's turtle or Miss Tentacle's spyglass
  •                                                         THE BEST FARM OF BIG FARM

    My idea is to have a contest judging the best farm in Big Farm. It includes the perfect blend of all production buildings, houses and decorations. The players will have to take a screen shot of their farm and post it. The farms would be judged on various parameters such as the competence of farms in various events and missions. Along with their production capabilities they would also be judged on the placement of various buildings and decors; in other words the beautifulness of the farm. There should be a set amount of least happiness of every farm so that the contestants just don’t put production buildings neglecting the decorations. 

    If you want this contest to come up as a forum contest please like this post.


  • mia111 (GB1)mia111 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 741
    "Who ate that?"

    Somebody has been sneaking in the bakery and stealing one of its goods. The goods cannot be found so somebody has eaten them. Where can you find the crumbs that will lead to the perpetrator?
     The list of perpetrators, baked goods and the places are provided. This is a version of cluedo that doesn't require any skills, just luck. Each player will provide a possible answer which contains the who, what and where. For example:

    Lester ate the fruit cake with cream while he sneaked into the barn.
  • UserRishi (IN1)UserRishi (IN1) Posts: 122
    edited 10.04.2016
    I got another exciting idea for Contest.
    Tell the Players to make a new decoration for Big farm Game and the best 5 decoration will be the winners and their Decoration will be added to Game.

    Please press like button if you like it 

  • UserRishi (IN1)UserRishi (IN1) Posts: 122
    edited 10.04.2016
    I also have another idea
    Tell the players to give idea for new Game Features such as New Events, New Characters etc and the 3 winner's ideas will be applied to the game.

    Please press like button if you like it
  • farmerjohn 22 (US1)farmerjohn 22 (US1) US1 Posts: 37,764
    edited 12.04.2016
                   Thank you to everyone who "Liked" my idea! :) A Community Bonfire! And 1000 gold! Whoo hoo! Happy smileys


  • Brave Ana (GB1)Brave Ana (GB1) GB1 Posts: 254
    Congratulations to all the winners!!!
  • Thanks for voting for my contest ideas!

    It was fun to have the opportunity to contribute some ideas, and to read all the great suggestions in this thread.

    Many thanks to CuddlyFoxes and all you awesome forum folks!  :)  Bonfire party at my farm. BYO stick for marshmallow roasting!
  • jess_d (US1)jess_d (US1) US1 Posts: 3,515
    Congrats to all the winners!! Great ideas! :)

                   Thank you to everyone who "Liked" my idea! :) A Community Bonfire! And 1000 gold! Whoo hoo! Happy smileys

    Party at your farm tonight!! :D 
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