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What's More Profitable in Terms of $ Revenue? A Comparison of Ship, Organic Market $ Neighbor Orders

I'm a fairly new player (lvl 56 with the game 3 months) to this game and a recently discussion with my one of co-op members made me wonder what exactly is more profitable in terms of $ making for those three types of orders? -- because you know, us lowbies are often short on $ to do stuff & would love to make $ faster. ^^;;

I did a quick study today on $ making comparison among ship, organic market, & neighbor orders. Summaries of my findings are below for other new players like me:  

1. Ship order = most profitable. My most recent one yielded 394% of book value  

2. Organic market orders tier value @ 28 & above give 122%+ of the book value  (For pure cash order only. Orders award horseshoes, exp, gold, etc. will definitely be lower than 100% of book value before counting the bonus value when completing an order*)

3. Neighbor orders give 121% of the book value @ 20% happiness  

Hope these findings will help you form your own strategies on how to prioritize those orders! ^^

P.S. I've found this post to be helpful when I started on organic markets: https://community.goodgamestudios.com/bigfarm/en/discussion/105791/strategy-for-organic-market

*edit Feb 26, 16: italicized words

MORE DATA Feb 26, 2016:
Here are some additional findings/clarifications since Feb 19 (ya I'm a nerd ;3): 

1. Ship order remains the most profitable! My past 10 orders ranged from 135%-423% of the book value (an average of 274%)

2. Organic market orders range from 105% (tier value 0) - 131%something of the book value (For pure cash order only. My highest tier value to date is 97  @  131.1% profit - will update if I ever get a tier value 99, but I don't expect that # to be much higher than 131.1%)

3. Neighbor orders gives 101%-121% of the book value (0-20% happiness)
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  • Niryn (INT1)Niryn (INT1) INT1 Posts: 255
    Thank you for summarizing it, very helpful! You're right it's a frequent question and concern on what to use the products on since it's very hard to keep up with all 3 at once. =)
  • Thank you for summarizing it, very helpful! You're right it's a frequent question and concern on what to use the products on since it's very hard to keep up with all 3 at once. =)
    Yay. Glad someone else finds those data helpful! (^^)v

    You are right that it's hard to keep up with all 3 orders, especially the 6 in organic market. I think once a strategy is formed for managing those 3 types of orders, the focus should be shifted to form a strategy for filling organic market orders that suits personal goal & play style. ^^
  • Brilliant! confirmed what I thought re ship being the best for returns, thank you for doing the work to show the stats!! 
  • i think that the ship orders are the most profitable ones, cause they give xp points and also because of horseshoes. i don't have a shortage of dollars.

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