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SUGESTION - horse give dung & championship for everybody ?

Sugestion no.1 - all animals on farm's give dung.Horses are present on all 3 farms,we train them,but they don't give dung.My sugestion would be -  make horses give dung.Let's say , 1 training - 1 one sack of dung. It would not be too much, but would interested players in training horses more than usual; that also means playing Candy farm more than usual ( because of the horseshoes possible to get from there) , and all other temporary farms. 
 Sugestion no.2 - because of players that complain they are big levels,and became boring about the game ,make competition ( similar to C.Championship) ,and for reward - one golden chiken coop that would give certain amount of gold.Not too much,but to make worthy of playing.But include all players,so let's see Who is really The Best!!    :wink: 


  • @change (INT1)  Giving dung for training would certainly help some of the lower level players & as you say it might encourage more of them to get involved with the horses. Most higher level players have more poop than they need, so it probably wouldn`t make much difference to them, unless the neighbours started to buy it from the organic market, which would be nice.

    Not sure I really understand your 2nd suggestion, it sounds like the competition that already exists for "Player of the week" except with a different reward, but I like your 1st idea. :)

  • Well, about first idea I was thinking for some time,but the second just came up while I was writeing the first one,so I didn't give it much time to develop..  Yes,dung is (mostly) for lower lvls,but would be helpful,and what you've said, would be nice to sell it on market,or/maybe ,be tradeing for gold or some rewards....   ( p.s.- sorry for my bad english,it' s been time since I' ve used it :blush:  )
  • i agree ,we need dung :grin: 

    Fairy .. 

    Spread some sparkles where ever you go 

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