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Horse Season Rewards

Brave Ana (GB1)Brave Ana (GB1) GB1 Posts: 254

What is this SF season?
SuperFake or what is your proposal,GGS?
Somebody are hearing? (yes, tomorrow is monday).Somebody will respond us?
Rewards... no dollars, no seaweeds, no boxes, nothing. 
Just seasonal rabbit feed (cabbage).
Are you bankrupcy or you gave too much rewards for all of us? 
Also which is the reason that you changed, from the start, the amount of competition horseshoes?
If you lost a challenge I received 31 goldshoes. These are for Platinum League.
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  • borana albania (INT1)borana albania (INT1) Posts: 1,945
    edited 23.01.2016
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  • Brave Ana (GB1)Brave Ana (GB1) GB1 Posts: 254
    I opened this discussion just waiting, please, for your opinion.
    Is boring to see this competition now.
    For a gold mining license I can wait Omar to buy one. 1500 golds (25% reduction) in the past, may be now more expensive or that offer with 2555 golds for tokens and GML.
    Rest I will continue with the training my horses.
    Have a good day.
  • I agree with you...but anyways im going to play in SF season as long as i dont use fuel...which means i dont spend money or gold.
    As i said "its all about the money" , all the events ,tournaments and competitions are made for us to buy gold cuz GGS needs funds ....im mean its obvious..
  • Brave Ana (GB1)Brave Ana (GB1) GB1 Posts: 254
    I still playing also but like you I don't use dollars or golds.
    Is no point of view to use golds for extra fuel.
  • I was trying to remember what the prizes were before, the cash has gone, replaced with special cabbage seeds (yuk), the extra fuel & the horseshoes have swapped places, now we have seaweed & tokens for 4th & 5th rewards, didn`t they used to be tokens & mystery boxes?... Seaweed is better than mystery boxes so thats not so bad. The prizes for bronze league is now shoes instead of poop, still better than the prize for silver league . Swapping cash for cabbage definately the worst change. :(
  • DreamScape Farm (IN1)DreamScape Farm (IN1) IN1 Posts: 58
    edited 28.01.2016
    Why the rewards are changed from earlier horse tournament rewards.
    Earlier we received Seaweeds (all types), Mystery Boxes & most important $$ Dollars $$
    Now we get Token, Only Seaweed and Sp Cabbage

    Why the rewards are degraded for the Horse Tournament Season this time? Anyone pls comment.....
  • Bumping this up so we can get some info perhaps.
  • Good Fortune Season started today & the rewards have gone back to how they were before.... No more cabbages!! Thanks GGS!!
  • clinn (RO1)clinn (RO1) RO1 Posts: 198
    Hy guys!
    I am totally disappointed about the way in which the decoration for this horse championship has been adjusted in the last few days.
    Last week I went to the 32 floor of the decoration tower and I was very happy.
    I saw a new 4*6 decoration, that I supposed it will be the reward for the next season.
    But that decoration was quality 6 and had +113 happiness.
    This week was the update..and the decoration was changed.
    I am not against the fact that now the decoration is reward for all the guys the finish the season in the platinum league...I am against the fact that now this new decoration has been downgraded to quality 5 and only plus 93 happiness...to give this decoration for platinum finishers..it's very o.k.
    But to also give this decoration for the diamond finishers I think it's a bad joke!!!!
    Normally, like other events, when you reach a more difficult stage, you get something better...
    and logically, in diamond league should have been the decoration quality 6 and +113 happiness.
    It's already very demotivate that in diamond league there are no different prizes for the top finishers..like a top 5 on the temporary events.
    Now this situation with this decoration it's even more a demoralizing situation!

  • @clinn (RO1)  I don`t mind the happiness level so much, that is better than the usual 3.75hps, but it sucks that its now a new shape, lower quality level & why is it given to platinum league?.... I don`t see the point of even bothering to get to diamond league anymore, there are no HW rewards for all the extra effort, the only incentive was to get a deco, well now we can get that in platinum league instead, so that incentive has gone .... I don`t want it anyway if its 6x4, I have a 4x4 space where I can display horse decos & its not gonna fit there, so I guess its one for Greta to smoosh up. :p

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