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Cooerative championship

I am asking if you agree with the idea (in the future) to suggest to GGS to split the competition into more sections:

i.e.: all co-ops situated now between places 1 to 50 (named maybe Gold Cup)to be grouped into one section with the same rewards.
Co-oops between 51 to ...into another section with some appropiate rewards with actuals, etc.

These maybe is an idea to create some chances for small co-ops.

All the time the results are aproximately the same.

However is a joke to do some missions in this period because for 4, 5 days a lot of players are playing and when the co-op championship is gone you are doing a lot of missions alone. (never I can believe how a player at level 40 with 5 or 6 fields at level 4 to do ~3500 corns in first 5 minutes? A lot of golds I suppose for...)


  • Strange, had to log in 5 times, each time I got here it said log in !

    It sounds a good idea but I cannot see GGS doing anything unless they can get GOLD out of us, If a low level Co-Op can get rewards , they will not use GOLD to chase the big Co-Ops. I did not like it before while helping a small co-op that the whole co-op could work hard to get ? ? rep points then just 1 person in another Co-Op could buy more points than the whole little Co-Op had earned. Using Gold in the missions is just the same as on the farm when they use Gold to skip building time etc  I saw someone earlier, had over 15,000 corn and only half way through the mission, that is some gold usage, GGS will have a lovely Christmas.

  • Brave Ana (GB1)Brave Ana (GB1) GB1 Posts: 254
    I totally agree with you.

    First, this was just a suggestion because I am in a small co-op. Really, I am not interested in that gold deco cup or however is named (also part of the rewards are completely unnecessary).

    But looks like a routine to have the same stuffs to do in every co-ops championship (may be something to be changed or i don't know).

    Problem is that nobody recognises a lot of players are doing for few days a lot of missions and at the end they are gaining what? I am sure just less golds in their pocket. For what?.

    Another question is: usual, after one week, the best player has around 1800,2000,3000 K or more now in this period you can see better the results of the week.

    Really from time to time I am using some golds to skip something (but never to win a mission for some extra points). I am doing missions just to have some extra certificates to update my garage.

    But some players cannot understand this mentality.
    I swear, almost all the time after a Co-op challenge just finished, I did a lot of missions just myself.
    Was good time for a coffee.
    But that's it.

    All the best.

  • Great Idea

    (First write the correct spelling of "cooperative" in the thread name)
  • Brave Ana (GB1)Brave Ana (GB1) GB1 Posts: 254
    Sorry to everybody,

    Was my mistake for mythat quick spelling.
  • edited 19.10.2015
    I would like to see something done in the Co-op Championships and in many of the events to make it better for all Co-ops and players.  I do think that there should be some levels in the Co-op Championship and other events for smaller Co-ops- based on the number of players in the Co-op.  Players in smaller Co-ops can work just as hard or harder than players in a large Co-op and still not win the big prizes, just based on the number of players in the Co-op, they/we don't stand a chance!  Keeps players from playing sometimes, if there is no chance of ever winning too.

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