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  • They probably think that would be too unbalancing, Ninja. Heck, I've already earned 70,000 tickets, and I barely know what the heck I'm doing (slowing tweaking things out, though). That would be about 5 GMLs worth, and no way would they allow that. :) (Not that I would, I'm going to buy the Dino first, then save up for the…
    в Pleasure Park Event Коментар от Southern (US1) 07.02.2020
  • @"Data King (US1)" You can only buy each offer once, according to several other posts about it. That's per event, I presume.
  • You may still be running an old version of the client. The new one doesn't have the marks reappear every time you change farms. They only change when the offer changes. As for the exclamation marks themselves, I couldn't care less; I'm already to the point where I don't even see them. What concerns ME more is the sheer…
  • The exclamation marks are the price of not having 50+ popups every 10 minutes. You won this! You won that! Buy this! Buy that!

I'll gladly pay that price.
  • I'm definitely not seeing that. I can't click FAST enough to stay ahead of the harvest in fact; it's instant. Could be a sign of just a slow computer, or a high Ping Internet connection to your server.
  • I just did some quick "back of the napkin" calculations. If you donate nothing but Sugar Ornaments to the Candy Castle, you can complete all levels (550,000 points) with 275,000 Sugar Ornaments. 275,000 Sugar Ornaments are worth 21,450,000 Vouchers if you sell them straight (and don't donate them). But if you do donate…
  • @"CrazyBigfarm55 (US1)" Here's a tip - just focus on cocoa, sugar, syrup and cream, and just make Sugar Ornaments. They have the highest Voucher/Hour rate. :) Here's my cheat sheet: I don't even bother with almonds or cherries anymore, except to complete the 10 tasks (You get back more Vouchers from the tasks than the 10%…
  • In regards to these 2 pools, you're only saving 3 minutes with 5 Brigettes as opposed to 4. I'll take the extra 3 minutes to save the $1,625 a Brigette costs. Other than that, pretty spot on. :)
First thing I checked for when the farm started, and I noticed it too. So for nostalgia's sake, I've brought it back in my signature. :)
  • Well, after having an open mind and playing with the update for a few days, I have to admit I like the new "Drop" style. It's crisp, clear, and easy to read. Kinda has a "3D-ish" look to it, too. :) The "smoke" while planting I could live without, but it doesn't really bother me. I can see those with weaker/older computers…
  • No, it's not time yet. Historically it only shows up a few days before Christmas.
  • No issues here. Everything is smooth as silk. Play on HIGH and it can take anything I throw at it. :)
  • I think @"Uncle John (GB1)" hit the nail on the head. It's probably their "old" score from their last Village Fair that won't get reset until they do their first challenge in THIS Village Fair. There's a couple of events doing that now, notably the HWEs.. I saw a couple of Co-Ops go from 4+ Million right at the start of…
    в The Village Fair Коментар от Southern (US1) 11.12.2019
  • I liken it to going to a movie theater. A movie these days is around $13, and popcorn & drink usually puts it at around $25. For a 90-minute movie? I'd rather buy $25 worth of gold, which gives me MONTHS worth of "enjoyment". :) (Then in 6 months or less rent the movie I wanted to see for $2 from Redbox) :) I budget money…
    в ballon token list Коментар от Southern (US1) 04.12.2019
  • I certainly hope not. That was one of the most poorly designed events we've ever had, and caused SO many arguments in Co-Ops and made people leave them. And then if someone started the event 5 minutes before the end of it, it would make the entire Co-Op fail the whole event.. We're better off without it.
  • For those interested, don't miss out on Santa's Throne available in the Build Menu until Christmas. :) Only one of the set I'm missing now is the Post Office.. Hope to get that on the Wheel if/when it pops around. ::smile:
  • Once you reach Level 10 on a particular fish, the time does not drop any more. It's already dropped all it's going to; any fish harvested at that point only ADD to the time that particular fish will run. Granted it might only be 2 seconds per fish (like with Cod, Salmon & Swordfish), but it won't do another massive drop…
  • @"artful (US1)" Hmm.. I guess I don't understand the question either, then. The screenshot shows exactly how many fish are needed before you hit the "Drop Dead" zone of 10 PPS (180 Lobster, in the case of the screenshot), so you know you can afford to harvest another 179 Lobster before you hit 10 PPS and drop from 39 hours…
  • To expand on what Ninja said, there is no "Maximum" points per second (PPS) that you can achieve. Every time you reach 10 PPS with a fish, you get a bonus point (+1). Reach 10 PPS with Swordfish, get a +1. Do it again with Salmon, get another +1 (for a total of +2).. Do it again with Lobster, get another +1 (for a total of…