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Can someone tell me where to find the dialog upgrade box ???????
Mathias (US1)
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  • We just had a player who started an 11 hour challenge. That's going to hurt. 11 hours before someone can start a regular 30 minute challenge. I think there should be a way for just the leader to cancel the challenge for this type of emergency.
    в Villge Fair Коментар от Mathias (US1) 02.06.2023
  • This is a fantastic idea.
  • Why don't you have a Pork Factory. Like the Dairy, or the Bakery, or the Jam Factory. The Pork Factory could be used to make pork products from your pigs. Pigs are absolutely worthless, besides poop. Instead of selling them when your barn is full, you could use them in the Pork Factory. Not bad, eh ?
  • A sheep stable, with a wool processing factory for different types of clothes to make would be PERFECT. As long as you can obtain the wool factory at a reasonably low level, like 200 or 250.
  • Events are not what I'm looking for. (with the exception of the Airport, that should be a coop event, like village fair) I'm looking for permanent crops to grow, and permanent building to strive for. New and more events just crowd the upper half of my screen with kiosks. Y'all have way too many of those as it is. You have…
  • I prefer Greta's. My coop likes to go there as a team to earn the "stars" so everyone can get the diamonds faster. It's better than doing Tessa's by yourself, and it's been a great way for the coop to get to know each other through chat.
  • I totally agree with this. A slider, or a blank space to enter the amount you wish to purchase, would be much better, and in my opinion, could be implemented with ease.
    в sore fingers Коментар от Mathias (US1) 15.05.2023
  • Thank you for your help.
  • Thank you all for the info. I STILL think that's a bit ludicrous, but what do I know.......
    в New member Коментар от Mathias (US1) 07.05.2023
  • Someone mentioned that the player's level is too low to give the gifts. He is level 13. If that is the case, then what level does he have to be at for me to give the sparkly gifts ? And why does the level matter on this ? Seems like not a good policy for BF to have, if that's the case.
    в New member Коментар от Mathias (US1) 06.05.2023
  • So far, I have had no use for the lizards, orcas, or ostrich's. There's no task on the right that uses them. I see no reason for keeping them. So I sell them every time I harvest. I make lots of money that way. That money is used to upgrade as needed. Also, I don't have to sell my feed.
  • We did put gifts on her farm, she's not sure if and when she'll be back. 
    в Non Active Members Коментар от Mathias (US1) 01.05.2023
  • Thank you all for the helpful advice. And yes, the name was there using the other search.
    в Non Active Members Коментар от Mathias (US1) 30.04.2023
  • I have never seen that in any mission I've ever participated in. I'd try that, but I don't know how to do it.
  • We are a friendly, no pressure group, (of all levels) looking for adult, English speaking players, who play regularly, do missions and even chat. Participation in research, events, and projects is expected, but not required.We do not force any donations, and we never ask you to donate gold or dollars, but we do welcome…
  • Not impressed with the spring WoF. The prizes are the same-o same-o. You'd think that it would have different or better prizes, especially since it's rare that I get any tokens for it. The feature that allows you to see the probability of what you win in the mystery boxes, is useless, as far as I can see. Who cares about…
  • I did the close - clear cache - restart, 3 times and NO LUCK All my animal feed is gone. This is truly not right.
  • True....we do have sheep on the viking farm, which is okay, but I am talking about having one on the permanent farms. The temporary farms are just that. Temporary. And I don't play the temporary farms all the time. Thanks for the reminder about the viking farm sheep.
  • This just in: The local farmers are scratching their heads right now. It seems that with the recent onslaught of UFO's crashing into pig styes, the pigs that live in these styes are starting to turn gray. Some of them now have big black bulging eyes. And a few of them have lost weight, with spindly legs, and big bulbous…
  • Looks like there's more than just myself, who are on board with a sheep farm and a clothing/craft building.