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There is a growing need to scrap the new horse farm. Too much confusion, horses losing there old ratings and going back to zero. All the medling about trying to get any horse up in status plus the need to spend loads of gold to get anywhere.  I will now stop going on the horse farm as it is no fun any more.
Johnnybegood (GB1)
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  • I notice the Reward Center does not have gold mining licences anymore. I used the gold mining licences as a way of obtaining a little more gold without having to use my very low pension to pay out real money for gold.
  • No bulldozer showing on my cat tree. There is one on my dog kennel and every other building on all my farms. Could be it only shows when all the hearts are collected and there is an actual cat installed which could take several weeks or months. Will not be paying out loads of gold just to get a cat. Just want the thing…
  • I would very much like to hear from you as to how to demolish the cat tree. As far as I can see there is no mechanism in the game to demolish it in the same way as fields or stables are demolished. I have asked BG to remove it from my site.
  • Cat tree is a waste of time wish I never put it on my game as I cannot remove it. Really stupid system as any other building on the game can be removed so why not the Cat tree. Had 62000 hearts yesterday and on checking this morning all had disappeared. I would advise members not to build the Cat tree, the dog trainer is…
  • You are all missing the point. GGS want us to spend more gold to complete missions. All these latest updates are about getting as much money out of players as possible.
  • GGS have dropped a few bloomers over the few years I have been on, but this change to the laboratory is the worst of the lot. Takes forever now to reach the next level. I have forgotten what premium feed is now.
  • Just reverse the Laboratory update. Surely it cannot be that difficult to do. Also all members would like a refund of the millions they spent upgrading the Lab after this most stupid update. Sort it out GGS you must know by now it was an idiotic decision.
  • The new Laboratory is now a total joke. I spent millions of dollars to get back to being able to produce premium feed, only to find that catalyst's were like hens teeth to obtain. Total lunacy by our esteemed programmers. Get this game sorted so people can enjoy it again.
  • A lot of discontent over the lab change, me included. Just put the lab back to where it worked for every one. Did anyone complain before the recent lab update, cannot find one. GG have not even given a good reason for doing this stupid update.
    в farm laboratory Коментар от Johnnybegood (GB1) 08.02.2021
  • The new horse farm is far too complicated to work out. Please go back to the old system or make the new system easy to understand.
  • Now it is getting really stupid with all 6 pools having lobsters and not one contract needs them. Total waste of 14 top level trawlers. How does one complete contracts with nothing to catch in any pools. Might as well stop fishing alltogether. Get it sorted Big Game people.
    в Swordfish Pools Коментар от Johnnybegood (GB1) 18.11.2019
  • When all my gold has gone so am I. Need a better game that runs all the time with no hickups.
  • No chance of all these fixes getting done when we are all in bed. Always done during the day when most EU players are on there computers. Giving notice of a shut down would be helpfull and length of time too.
  • I cannot understand why so many players are not using their boats. I send all 14 of mine out as much as possible. The fishing area is a much easier way of making money in the game than normal farming. True contracts take time due to constant need for shell fish but I fish and sell lobsters all the time as there are more of…
  • Today I find I have 5 lobster pools and guess what, I do not need any lobsters for contracts. SORT IT OUT, this game is getting [Bad language removed] stupid now.
  • I have only been fishing a few weeks but since I started I have noticed that I continualy have 3-4 pools with around 3-400 lobsters in each of them. Nearly every contract has shell fish required and there there is only one shell fish pool every other day with less than 100 in total. I have hundreds of lobsters in storage…
  • Out of the 6 pools I continually have lobsters in 4 of them which I do not need. One pool normally has a few shell fish which go nowhere near to completing any contract within a week. Another pool has Herring and Tuna. So what are all my contracts asking for? Yep Swordfish, Samon and Cod plus a mountain of shellfish. Been…
    в Swordfish Pools Коментар от Johnnybegood (GB1) 07.11.2018