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  • If they put a timer on it, we're screwed! Imagine you're on task "52" and you're out of time.... Uuuuh! I would like to move my one housing unit to someone else's farm, temporarily :smiley: Off grid, of course! Man, that would tickle some people the wrong way :sweat_smile: I love the idea of many, ridiculous/funny tasks as…
  • maybe it's lobster season... 
    в Ridiculous Коментар от FarmerMica (US1) 05.06.2018
  • I know how to send an email to the entire coop. What I don't know is how to Reply to the entire coop from a previously received coop email. 
  • What kind of response do you guys expect? The game is targeted at the payers. Why do you expect it to be free? Of course the game used to "give more" when it was at the beginning. That's called marketing. The game needed a player base so it offered more to attract one. It's like opening a new business... you have to give…
  • Actually, your second screenshot of the Silver Division is the Bronze Division... There must be a bug with clicking the tabs and the arrows...
  • Here is a comparison between Flash and HTML5: http://flashvhtml.com/ You can play Waste Invaders on both the Flash version and the HTML5 version.
    в HTML5 Коментар от FarmerMica (US1) 20.04.2018
  • I have Chrome on my Mac. I am not trying to sound disrespectful, but your statement is not true. Chrome works on Mac and it will update itself to the latest version. You don't need to update your OS, unless you're running something older than Yosemite (even so, there are ways to still install Chrome on it). If you don't…
    в HTML5 Коментар от FarmerMica (US1) 20.04.2018
  • Think of Flash like the carts pulled by horses in the old days. And then the cars (HTML5) appeared and nobody trusted them. And now they're our go-to way for transportation.
    в HTML5 Коментар от FarmerMica (US1) 20.04.2018
  • I am super excited about the change. Flash is a dying technology and has been for years now. Nobody uses it anymore except really old sites/games. I sympathize with the dev team, switching from one to the other is a massive effort. As someone that works in the IT industry, I can't recommend enough using Chrome over any…
    в HTML5 Коментар от FarmerMica (US1) 19.04.2018
  • Oh yeah! For sure.
  • Dunno what Seeker's idea is, but I would imagine that the "fast fertilizer" would give less yield than regular and in turn even less than seaweed. But it would be cheaper to produce (Seeker compared it with the wet pig feed). So, maybe the "fast fertilizer" would have a 10 minutes production time, but for 10% of the…
  • The Orchard Olympia!!! I like that :smiley: Super cool idea with the fast fertilizer. The orchards are boring and annoying right now cause they take so long. Fast fertilizer makes a lot of sense. And I like the idea of specialized Coopchas. We can have one focused on the fields, one on orchards, one on stables... etc...…
  • The pop-ups don't influence your performance during events that are not really time sensitive (to the second - e.g. missions). I agree with you that during missions, they could be a hinder. However, aside from that, there is nothing wrong with the pop-ups. They are a revenue avenue for GGS, and they are necessary for the…
  • Open the coopcha window, go to Boosters tab and click the blue I icon. You will see a list of all the active and inactive boosters.
  • Since you have them, why don't you just use them? I wouldn't let them go to waste. Spend them on a cherry/apple orchard or fences/gates. You still have stuff to upgrade :) Also... what happened to your farms? Are you redecorating or something? That's a lot of empty space (just curious).
  • The "blue bugs" have nothing to do with the coops. You can use the windmill to make them into goldfish bait and then you go fishing yourself. You can see this option on the second tab on your windmill.
  • I won against levels 80s and 90s with my level 49 horse, as well as I lost against levels 18s and 20s. Just because of that, I can not be mad at the system. You just cross your fingers and hope you will win. Don't let it bother you too much, Elf. It's not that important... Just enjoy a nice, free game. Now, come to the…